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Summary: So, the Keith Urban plastic surgery fix story is completely untrue, at least according to the country musician’s reps. And we have no reason to doubt those reps, so that’s the story we’re going to stick with. Keith Urban is well known for his musical talents. But the fact that this rumor sprang up in the first place gives us a good opportunity to discuss men and plastic surgery more broadly.

What to Make of the Keith Urban Plastic Surgery Fix Story

There’s a myth out there, weakening but still pervasive, that plastic surgery is mostly for women. That’s not true, of course, and now country music artist Keith Urban is helping to prove that. To be sure, Keith Urban’s plastic surgery fix would not have been all that noticeable or major–the story was that he was getting a neck lift.

But a neck lift can be an exceptionally potent rejuvenative plastic surgery procedure, helping to make the patient look and feel years younger. Neck lift procedures can effectively eliminate the so-called “turkey neck,” not to mention the wrinkles and lines caused by excess skin.

The Keith Urban part of the story out there, however, is completely untrue. The story that Keith Urban was undergoing a neck lift to get rid of his turkey neck was sourced, as it turns out, somewhat poorly. And there seems to be no evidence backing up the assertion. So for now, we’re going to assume it’s not true. Thankfully, the Keith Urban Plastic Surgery Fix story gives us a chance to talk about something real: men and plastic surgery.

Why Men Are Undergoing Plastic Surgery Procedures

One thing we should make clear right off the bat is that men have always undergone plastic surgery procedures–at least, since the initial creation of plastic surgery in the first place. If you find that surprising, you aren’t alone. For decades, plastic surgeons have been exceptionally good at marketing primarily to women.

The reason for that one sided marketing is pretty simple. For a long while, there’s been a kind of stigma attached to men who undergo plastic surgery. So any men who did undergo a procedure, whether it was cosmetic or reconstructive, didn’t necessarily want that information advertised anyway.

That’s changing. The stigma associated with men and plastic surgery is considerably less than it used to be. That, in turn, means more men are undergoing plastic surgery procedures. But what kind of procedures might they be interested in?

The Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures Men Are Interested In

It should be noted that men are interested in all types and kind of plastic surgery procedure. We can’t generalize too much because plastic surgery is designed to be very unique. Each patient gets what he or she needs. So the plastic surgery procedure that works for one patient won’t necessarily work for others.

That said, there are some trends we can illuminate when it comes to plastic surgery for men:

  • More masculine, athletic look: While there is certainly some variation in the actual procedure chosen, one near-constant among male plastic surgery patient is that they often want to highlight their masculinity. In part, that’s because masculinity (in men) is often culturally associated with youth and fitness. So even though a patient might undergo a tummy tuck, that tummy tuck will be designed to help accentuate the angles and masculine edges of the patient.
  • Rhinoplasty: Generally speaking, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among men. There are a couple of reasons for this. It might have something to do with this procedure being used to repair broken noses. But it might also be that men can be especially sensitive about the way their noses look.
  • Facelift procedures: There are actually a variety of facelift procedure (from brow lift to blepharoplasty to neck lift, which started this whole conversation). Facelift procedures are popular because they can de-age the face, and that’s one area of the body that (for both men and women) tends to showcase the signs of aging most strongly. A facelift procedure can really help men look significantly more youthful.

The Future of Men and Plastic Surgery

If there’s one thing the sensationalism over the supposed Keith Urban plastic surgery fix story has shown us, it’s that we have a long way to go when it comes to the stigma around male plastic surgery.

But that stigma is certainly diminished–it’s not nearly as bad as it once was, and it’s on a downward trajectory. Because the reality is that men basically undergo plastic surgery for the same reasons women do: to feel more comfortable in their bodies and look more like the way they want to look.

In many ways, it’s not all that complicated.

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