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kim kardashian plastic surgery secrets

Summary: Kim Kardashian seems to be no stranger to the media and to being a celebrity of the media. And yet, all of those Kim Kardashian plastic surgery secrets seem to be rumored all the time. How much truth is there to these so-called secrets?

Exploring Some Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Secrets

Kim Kardashina is often discussed in the context of how she looks. This is, perhaps, never more true than when anyone discusses the supposed plastic surgery procedures that Kardashian has had performed. It doesn’t take much for a gossip magazine to trot out a plastic surgeon only too ready to assert that Kardashian has undergone a butt augmentation or had hip implants or a brow lift or any number of procedures. Of course, these surgeons are highly qualified, and they are probably trained to see things that the rest of us are not. But it seems odd to assert that these procedures have been performed when one has no knowledge of Kardashian’s medical history.

To a certain extent, this is human nature. After all, Kardashian is—for better or worse—a kind of beauty role model. People want to look like her. And if she hasn’t been able to achieve those looks naturally, then we shouldn’t be held to the same standard: plastic surgery is fair game. Of course, plastic surgery is fair game either way, so that argument falls apart a little bit. There’s no denying that women, in particular, are held to an impossibly high standard of beauty. Plastic surgery can sometimes be a way to meet those standards on your own terms. And if that’s what Kardashian did, it’s hard to fault her for it.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we should judge her for it. Instead, let’s take a look at some of those procedures she’s supposed to have had done, and look at the ways that it can help you. First up is, of course, breast augmentation. Now, there have been rumors about everyone in the Kardashian clan going in for a breast augmentation. These procedures are generally designed to increase the overall size of the breasts. This can be done for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • The patient has asymmetrical breasts
  • The patient is uncomfortable with the size of her breasts
  • To bring a more pleasing proportion to hips and breasts
  • To bring the patient’s body into better alignment with the patient’s self image

There are more reasons, of course. The end results are usually larger, fuller, more youthful looking breasts. Whether one is looking for a breast augmentation in New Jersey or a boob job in California, these procedures generally result in a boost in confidence, self-esteem, and even in many reported cases an increase in quality of life. In other words, breast augmentation can help patients feel great.

Butt Augmentation

One of the other procedures that Kardashian is reported to have undergone is a butt augmentation procedure. Usually, these are accomplished via a fat graft procedure. Essentially, fat is taken from one area of the body and injected into another. This is easily one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. And it’s popular for the following reasons:

  • It removes fat from an unwanted area and places it somewhere that it’s actually desired—it’s kind of a two-for-one
  • It increases the size of the buttocks, something that is incredibly difficult to do with either simple diet or exercise
  • A larger rear end can improve the overall proportions of the body, meaning clothing will fit better and you’ll feel better about the way you look

There are more reasons, of course. Fat grafting procedures generally tend to be much less invasive, so that’s one reason they’re attractive. But it’s important to remember that it’s the results that drive people towards procedures such as these. And a Brazilian Butt Lift can make patients feel great about the way they look.

Hip Implants

One of the less common procedures that Kardashian is purported to have had performed is a hip implant procedure. These procedures are relatively uncommon, so I’m a little dubious about this claim (more so than the others). But there are certainly people out there who would like their hips to be a bit curvier. This can be done either with a fat graft procedure, as is the case with butt augmentation, or with silicone implants. The fat graft procedure is probably more popular. Either way, this procedure can give patients a feeling of control over a part of the body that, traditionally, is not particularly responsive to diet or exercise.

Exercise Your Control

Certainly, plastic surgery is not for everyone. It may not even have been for Kim Kardashian. But it does give people who want it a way to access certain body types. For those that want plastic surgery, we should certainly feel compelled to make sure they gain access to these benefits. So if, indeed, Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery, we should be supporting that decision. And if you want plastic surgery, we support that decision, too.


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