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Summary: Let’s follow along with Jane, a hypothetical patient, as she tells her Kybella story. In this little piece of well-informed fiction, Jane tries everything to get rid of her double chin. But it’s only when she comes across Kybella that she’s able to actually get any results. That’s not Jane’s fault or anything—it’s the stubborn anatomy of submental fat. Let’s see what this hypothetical double chin story can teach us!

Jane’s Double Chin Story

I’m going to tell a little story about Jane. Now, I want to make clear, Jane isn’t a real person. Rather, she’s an amalgam of possible experiences from several people. She herself is fiction—but this could really happen to just about anyone.

Okay, let’s talk about Jane’s story.

Jane has a double chin, and she hates her double chin. Everything else about her body, she’s cool with. But that double chin taunts her from the mirror. It’s not a big deal, she thinks, but it bums her out when she sees it. That double chin makes it difficult to look at pictures or selfies or mirrors. She feels self conscious about it every time.

So Jane starts looking for solutions.

Exercise and the Double Chin

Like most people, Jane first turns to the internet—the source of all wonderful and great information in the world. She decides that a change in lifestyle is the best way to achieve a more slender jawline.

The problem is that Jane already eats pretty healthy. And she already exercises daily. She’s a pretty healthy person. So Jane decides to specialize. She’s going to work a few chin exercises into her routine.

She starts with something simple:

  • Look up
  • Extend the lower jaw (it’s called a jut—and she could feel a little bit of stretching)
  • Hold until she counts to 10
  • Relax and lower the jaw
  • Repeat in sets of 10

Pretty simple, right? Jane tries this. But it doesn’t seem to help. So she tries everything else, too. Every “jawline exercise” she can get her eyeballs on is eventually woven in to her routine.

And the double chin persists.

Persistent Fat

So now Jane is thinking about liposuction. She really doesn’t like the idea. Liposuction is surgical, it’s expensive, and it would have to be in this particularly sensitive area.

The problem is that the fat is persistent. It’s resisting all of her attempts to get rid of it. And all those exercises do is build muscle. Which is great, but it’s not helping to get rid of the double chin. Now, if her double chin were composed mostly of excess skin, liposuction wouldn’t do a darn thing and she’d have to think about a different plastic surgery procedure.

So Jane gets a consultation from a plastic surgery. Liposuction is indeed going to be quite expensive (tens of thousands of dollars). It’s hard for her to justify spending that much money on herself, especially for something that’s not strictly necessary.

A New Option

But then Jane’s surgeon tells her about a new product. It’s called Kybella, and it might be able to treat her double chin without the need for surgery. All it takes for Kybella to work is a few injections.

Jane is dubious. It sounds too good to be true. How could a few injections make fat disappear. If something like that existed, she would have heard of it and she wouldn’t have spent all that time doing stupid neck juts or whatever.

But Jane’ surgeon explains that Kybella is brand new. And it actually does work for most patients. It’s also significantly less expensive than liposuction.

How Does Kybella Work?

Jane’s surgeon explains it like this:

  • You’ve got chemicals in your body that are able to break down fat. That happens naturally.
  • Kybella is essentially a synthetic form of these chemicals
  • Once injected into your chin, the Kybella begins the work of breaking down fat
  • The end results will appear in a couple of months after the injections are given

That seems to make sense. Now, Kybella won’t work for everyone, Jane’s surgeon explains. But it does work for the vast majority of patients who are suffer from a double chin (at least those double chins composed mostly of fat).

An Easy Choice

In the end, it’s an easy choice. Jane signs up for Kybella and she gets the series of shots. There’s a little discomfort. It feels like a bunch of tiny pinches. But overall things aren’t too bad.

And then she goes home and she waits. The progress is slow. It takes time. So much time that Jane almost doesn’t believe anything is happening. After a couple of months she goes back in and surgeons take the “after” picture.

When the before and after pictures are shown side by side, it’s easy to see: Jane’s double chin has all but disappeared. She can finally look in the mirror again and feel completely confident about the way she looks!

That’s Jane’s story. And, in many ways, it’s not an uncommon story among Kybella patients. This injectable is designed to eliminate submental fat (the double chin)—and that’s exactly what it does!

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