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Summary: If you live in New Jersey, like some celebrities, it’s likely that you’d just see your Ridgewood plastic surgeons to get bigger lips. But there’s this new trend sweeping the country called the Kylie Jenner Challenge, and it’s not a terribly safe way to get bigger lips. Indeed, the Kylie Jenner Challenge is pretty unsafe. It can lead to bruising and scarring—so as much pressure as there might be on social media to become a part of this trend, your lips will thank you for simply avoiding the whole thing altogether. A better alternative is to find yourself a cosmetic plastic surgeon, so you can get lips you’re proud of.

kylie jenner and plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner and Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner and plastic surgery go together like love and marriage or strawberries and chocolate. Which is odd, considering that Jenner has never admitted to going under the knife herself. That little fact doesn’t stop oodles of website from speculating on whether Kylie underwent this procedure or that procedure or whether she finally got that breast augmentation. We’ve spoken—at length—about how we think that kind of speculation is, frankly, something of a waste of time. But that’s what the internet is for, right? Wasting time?

Anyway, I mention that Kylie Jenner and plastic surgery go together not because Jenner gets so much plastic surgery, but rather because she so often inspires it. Whether it’s lips or eyes or cheeks or breasts or hips, Kylie Jenner inspires a great deal of cosmetic changes for women who admire the way Jenner looks (or, by some kind of intuitive leap, her personality). In other words, Kylie Jenner is something of an inspiration for women looking into cosmetic and plastic surgery. That’s why it isn’t terribly surprising—though it is quite alarming—that something called the Kylie Jenner Challenge has suddenly caught on and is spread quite virally.

The Dangers of the Kylie Jenner Challenge

The Kylie Jenner Challenge—known in hashtag terms as #kyliejennerchallenge—is a “challenge” in which people put a shot glass up to their lips and then suck in. This creates a vacuum in the class, causing blood to rush to the lips and, therefore, causing the lips to become quite swollen. That’s the idea—to get great, big lips just like Kylie Jenner has. Unfortunately, the methods are incredibly flawed. But, again, as painful as this might sound, it’s not exactly shocking. Because that’s basically when happens when you’re aroused.

That’s one of the reasons, I think, why we find big, red lips to be sexy—they’re a sign of arousal, at least when they occur naturally. When the motor gets going, in both men and women, the body directs blood to the lips, causing them to swell and causing the red color to deepen (it also causes the lips to become much more sensitive, which explains a thing or two about the popularity of kissing). So, it’s understandable that people would want bigger, fuller lips.

Getting Bigger Lips the Right Way

But you’ve got to get them the right way, and a shot glass is not the right way. First and foremost, there’s the risk of a fracture of the glass—meaning you could get big gashes right around your (blood-filled) lips. This could lead to stitches and scarring—not the look you’re after, I’d bet. And if that wasn’t scary enough to keep you away from the Kylie Jenner Challenge, there’s also the problem of bruising. If you think about what a bruise is—blood rushing towards the surface of the skin—it sound an awful lot like what people are actually trying to accomplish with the Kylie Jenner Challenge.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that this is what’s happening. People are, basically, giving themselves giant bruises around their lips. And that’s bad news. It looks quite noticeable. And it doesn’t look good—though there aren’t really any bruises that do. Yet there are still plenty of people posting pictures of themselves with giant bruises around their lips as part of the Kylie Jenner Challenge.

Injectables for Lips and a Big, Bright Smile

If you want bigger lips, there are several safe ways to get them. The most popular is by injection of a dermal filler, such as Juvederm or Restylane. Dermal fillers generally increase your lips size in very controlled, but very noticeable ways. They’re very precise, so you can get a great result. The downside is that they are temporary, so if you want to maintain your look, you’ll have to schedule follow up appointments where the the dermal filler is re-applied. Even still, you can go months between follow up appointments, and almost all patients love the results.

The other way to get bigger lips is through a procedure called a fat graft. During a fat graft procedure, fat from your own body is removed—usually by a liposuction or liposuction-like procedure (of varying intensity). The fat is then purified in a centrifuge and injected back into your body in the lips. Because surgeons are basically using your own materials, you get a very natural looking result and you get to remove some fat from somewhere you didn’t want it in the first place. It really I sa win-win.

So there are popular ways to get the lips you want. And these ways are far less risky than sucking on a shot glass. So ditch the Kylie Jenner Challenge and go see your plastic surgeon instead.

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