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Summary: Why is labiaplasty in 2018 so popular all of the sudden? Year statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed a huge jump in labiaplasty’s popularity over the last five years. The reasons for this are often ascribed to something scandalous or another. But I don’t necessarily buy into that. I think the reasons for the popularity of labiaplasty have to do with how patients feel about their bodies, both mentally and physically.

Why is Labiaplasty in 2018 so Popular This Year?

According to statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, labiaplasty procedures jumped 217% between 2012 and 2017. That’s an astronomical jump, and it’s leading many of us to wonder: why is labiaplasty in 2018 so popular? What makes 2018 the year of the labiaplasty?

There are a few reasons why this below-the-belt procedure has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. We’ll get into the details of those reasons in just a little bit, but the broad reason is pretty simple: women who undergo labiaplasty procedures do so because they want to feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

That makes labiaplasty pretty similar to every other plastic surgery procedure, in that it’s designed to address an area of concern and help the patient feel confident and beautiful. That’s, essentially, the same thing that a facelift or a tummy tuck will do. It’s just that labiaplasty happens to address an area of the body that we tend to think of as scandalous. Why is labiaplasty in 2018 so popular? The reasons might look a lot like any other popular procedure.

Trends in Shaving

Okay, we’re just going to talk about all of this like grownups! I’m going to expect everyone to refrain from snickering, at least for a little while. One of the more popular theories about why labiaplasty has become more popular has to do with how our habits involving body hair have changed over the years.

People are smoother than they used to be. And the pubic area is no exception–if people aren’t getting bikini waxes, they’re giving themselves bikini shaves. (This trend is true for both men and women, as an interesting note.) The thinking is that because everything is hairless, everything is also much more visible than it was, say, ten years ago.

And because the labia is more visible, women are more interested in undergoing a procedure to make that area of the body look more youthful. There’s a certain amount of logic in this theory, and I’m sure it rings true for a significant portion of those patients who are thinking about labiaplasty. But I don’t think changes in shaving trends explains the whole picture here.

Patient Comfort

When you listen to women plastic surgeons talking about labiaplasty, I think you get a better sense of the actual motivations driving most patients. Women plastic surgeons tend to mention some of the following reasons why their patients seek out labiaplasty:

  • Some patients seek more comfort during exercise or physical activities
  • Others are looking for comfort due to the way that clothing fits
  • A few patients are looking for an ease to discomfort caused by self-conscious feelings surrounding the labia tissue

In other words, for many patients, labiaplasty is much more about comfort–both mental and physical–than it is about aesthetics. That’s not to say that the two are mutually exclusive (far from it). Instead, I simply mean to suggest that comfort is often the motivating factor for women who want to undergo a labiaplasty procedure.

Excess labia tissue can get in the way when you’re working out, or get awkwardly trapped when you’re wearing certain types of clothing. It can chafe and become uncomfortable. There are all kinds of reasons why excess labia tissue could really begin to interfere with your daily life. And it’s these reasons, more than how often you might shave, that I think contributes to the popularity of labiaplasty procedures.

Everything Changes as we Age

Because let’s be honest, everything changes as we age, and that’s true below the belt as well. Labia tissue, in particular, can become stretched out by life events or simple aging. And that excess tissue can impact your comfort, confidence, and self esteem.

Labiaplasty is an incredibly effective procedure for eliminating that excess skin and making the labia tissues appear youthful again. And I suppose that’s the last factor powering this boost in popularity for labiaplasty: the procedure works and people know about it.

In 2012, labiaplasty was hardly spoken of. But these days, people (including, most importantly, surgeons and their patients) are having open and honest conversations about what this procedure can accomplish.

Why is labiaplasty in 2018 so popular? Because it addresses a need that many women have, and because it’s been proven–over the last six years–to be quite effective for the right patients.

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