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Summary: When it comes to holiday get together, Thanksgiving is often the most tense. I think that’s because more emphasis is placed on spending time together as a family over Thanksgiving than at other holidays (not casting aspersions towards Christmas—just making a general observation). So if you want some cosmetic surgery in time for Thanksgiving, do you have time?

Some Last Minute Cosmetic Surgery Options for Thanksgiving

You wouldn’t know it by the weather, but fall really is upon us. And now that Halloween has come and gone, it’s worth talking about the next big holiday we celebrate here in the United States: Thanksgiving. Yeah, it doesn’t get a lot of play. Christmas is usually considered the “bigger” holiday.

But Thanksgiving seems to be one of those few holidays that still really puts an emphasis on spending time with your family. And when you spend time with your family, well, they get a really good look at you. This makes Thanksgiving crunch time, in a way.

If you want to look great—if you want a bit of rejuvenation—before Thanksgiving, there’s still some time. But only just. Let’s take a look at some last minute cosmetic surgery options for Thanksgiving!

You’ve Still Got Time for Botox

Okay, the first place you should head is to your old and trusted buddy: Botox. We talk about Botox a lot, and for good reason. This is a procedure that can get great results in a short amount of time. It can help you get rid of wrinkles and lines and it can, basically, help make you look a little bit more youthful.

But Botox does not work instantly. It’s not a dermal filler. It works by a different mechanism completely. This means that you’ve got to wait several weeks for Botox results to become completely visible. If you take a quick look at your calendar, you’ll probably notice that Thanksgiving is, well, a couple of weeks away.

So if you want to get rid of those crow’s feet that your mother is always complaining about (because it looks like you need more rest? Or something), now’s the time to schedule an appointment.

Dermal Fillers Will Yield Instant Results

Your other option is to go with a dermal filler. Now, dermal filler injections have the advantage of almost instant results. You’ll be able to see your lines and wrinkles disappear (basically) before your eyes. The drawback is that dermal fillers are basically only good at treating one basic type of wrinkle: and that’s the wrinkle that is caused by lack of volume in the face.

Essentially what happens is this: your skin stretches out. And it doesn’t bounce back like it used to. This means you have more skin and less volume. The end result is a face that’s a bit more heavy in the wrinkles and lines than it used to be.

However, if you are facing wrinkles that are caused by lack of volume (or gravity’s impact on the skin), you can definitely get some relief with a quick injection of dermal fillers.

Microneedling Only Takes a Couple of Days

According to the SkinPen experts at Carillon Clinic, a Minneapolis MedSpa, microneedling is a great way to bring out the best in your skin. The procedure works by making many tiny abrasions on your skin—essentially a bunch of really tiny cuts. This doesn’t cause any real damage to your skin, but it does encourage your skin’s healing powers to activate.

Once those powers activate, your skin goes to work. In most cases, the patient ends up looking much more rejuvenated than before. In other words, your skin will look more radiant and more youthful than before.

You’re going to want to give your skin a few days to recover (there is some redness that takes a bit to go away, and some possible bruising). So scheduling this procedure a week or so before Thanskgiving dinner is probably the best way to see your results at the dinner table.

Giving Thanks to Yourself

I’d like to end by saying this: you don’t really need to impress anyone at your Thanksgiving dinner or at any family get together. You’re great the way you are, and you should be constantly reminded of that. But feeling great can be a battle. We understand that.

These procedures are designed to help you look and feel great—to look and feel the way you want to look and feel. But they should only be used if you want them. You should not pursue cosmetic surgery to please someone else. In other words, the most important person at the dinner table—as far as your cosmetic surgeon is concerned—is you. And that’s the way it should be.

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