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lauren holly plastic surgery rumors

Summary: Among the most recent to be saddled with some plastic surgery rumors is actress Lauren Holly who, while she hasn’t had a procedure done yet, won’t rule it out in the future.

the Lauren Holly Plastic Surgery Rumors

Another day, another celebrity plastic surgery rumor. Sometimes, it seems like plastic surgery rumors pop up because celebrity columnists have nothing better to write about! Then again, it doesn’t help that celebrities tend to be somewhat secretive about why they might look so good. That secrecy is understandable—how a celebrity looks is (for better or worse) a significant part of their appeal to public. In other words, the red carpet isn’t about fun, it’s about the job. And part of the job of an actor or actress is, generally, to look good on the red carpet (no one ever said Hollywood wasn’t shallow).

The latest celebrity plastic surgery rumor revolves around Lauren Holly. Of course, Holly is no stranger to the world of celebrities, and she’s been a well-respected actress for quite some time. Recently, however, she attended an event and her face appeared to be fuller and more radiant. Typically, when one equates these developments to cosmetic surgery procedures, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to assume that Holly had received injections of dermal fillers. However, Holly’s explanation also makes quite a bit of sense: she put on a little weight and ended up looking a bit younger.

It’s About Adding Volume

One reason why we tend to develop wrinkles over time is because our skin becomes lax, it gives in to gravity, and it no longer bounces back. This means that your skin, essentially, stretches out, but the volume beneath the skin looks the same. The skin, with nowhere to go and no volume to fill it, starts to wrinkle up and form lines. The overall effect is one that makes the patient look older, more worn out, less vital. The solution, in most cases, is to add volume. This can be done in several ways:

  • Dermal Fillers: The use of dermal fillers, such as Juvederm or Restylane is a common way to add volume back to the face. Dermal fillers are a temporary solution, of course, but an effective one. By adding volume to the face, they even out that skin to volume ratio and make the face appear more youthful (even eliminating lines and wrinkles).
  • Fat Graft Procedures: Becoming more and more popular these days are fat graft procedures. During a fat graft procedure, fat is taken from one part of the body (usually the belly, for example) and added to another (in this case the face). This is done with a minimally invasive liposuction procedure, and then the fat is purified and used as a filler. This leads to amazingly natural looking results that tend to last for quite some time.

So, in many ways, Holly’s comment that adding a bit of weight to the face makes it appear smoother is, well, accurate. In fact, that’s what some people use fat graft procedures to accomplish. (The face, after all, is not always the first place people gain weight, so that can be a little difficult to control if you aren’t just lucky.)

Subtle Changes Can Make a Big Impact

If you look at the reaction to Lauren Holly’s “transformation,” it’s easy to see how small, subtle changes can actually have quite a big impact. This is important to note because many plastic and cosmetic surgery patients are looking for a way to make small but important changes. The nice thing about dermal fillers is that those changes are small—but they make a big impact. Think about it this way, a facelift surgical procedure will literally take years off your face, eliminating lines and wrinkles of all kinds. It’s an exceptionally effective plastic surgery procedure.

But the impacts might look like a bit more than nature can do. That’s why dermal fillers are perfect for patients who want to make a change but who do not want to draw too much attention to those changes. Dermal filler injections will decrease the visibility of your lines and wrinkles and, essentially, make you look more rejuvenated and vital. People won’t necessarily notice that you’ve had work done, they’ll just notice that you look good—and that’s what a lot of patients are after.

Add in the convenience of these procedures (they can usually be performed in as little as fifteen minutes and can show immediate results) and it’s easy to see why dermal fillers are such a popular option. In fact, they’re so good, that when celebrities look a little better than usual, they’re often accused of getting these injections even when they haven’t!

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