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Summary: Ever wonder: what is it like to get a non surgical nose job? This procedure is still relatively novel, so many people don’t really know what to expect. That’s why we’re going to take a look at a hypothetical patient (mostly for entertainment purposes—not for medical advice purposes). But this might give you an idea of what to expect if you’re thinking about undergoing a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

What is it Like to Get a Non Surgical Nose Job?

Many of our readers really want to know: what is it like to get a non surgical nose job? The question is understandable. The procedure seems so simple. It seems quick and easy. And there’s a natural proclivity to distrust something that’s so quick and easy. That’s why knowing what the procedure is like—the steps involved, what it feels like, what it looks like, and so on.

That’s why we’re going to do another one of our patented “hypothetical” patient experiences. These stories are compiled from real experiences from real patients—though they do not reflect any particular patient story. Rather, as the name implies, it’s a kind of hypothetical. It’s not unusual for patients to wonder something along the lines of, “what will a non surgical nose job be like?”

But the question is pretty vague. That’s why we’re going to follow “Valerie,” a fictional person, as she goes to get her nose job.

The First Step is Research and a Consultation

The first thing that happens when you want to get a non surgical nose job is pretty simple: research. And this research usually occurs because you have a specific issue you want to address. Most of the time, when patients say, “I don’t like my nose,” it’s for a specific reason.

In Valerie’s case, it’s a drooping tip. Her nose droops slightly towards the front and she’s always concerned people are staring at her nose. It’s not true, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s true enough in Valerie’s case that she wants to see a surgeon. But she’s never been particularly fond of surgery.

That’s when she discovered that a non surgical procedure might actually be able to generate the kind of results she’s after. The consultation is a relatively simple process, meeting with the surgeon to discuss:

  • The desired final results
  • What the procedure will entail from the patient’s perspective
  • Aftercare to maintain results after the procedure
  • Any recovery steps that will be necessary
  • Answering any questions that the patient might have

The Injection Process

Unlike the case with surgical procedures, in many cases, the consultation for a non surgical nose job can be done on the same day as the procedure. In other words, if you want to move forward once your consultation is done, the surgeon will often make time to do that the same day.

That’s what happens for Valerie. She goes in for the consultation and is so impressed with the surgeon that she decides to go ahead with it that same day (this won’t happen for everyone, of course, but it’s a common enough occurrence).

What Happens During the Injections?

Valerie is given a simple task to perform during her injections: she holds an ice pack in one hand. Before the injections she holds the ice pack to her nose. This is designed to constrict the blood vessels of the nose, lowering the chances of bruising from the injections. The ice pack has the added benefit of numbing the injection site, diminishing discomfort that Valerie might feel.

Once the injection site has been iced, the surgeon will make the incision. Valerie describes this as a kind of pinching sensation. It’s marginally uncomfortable but certainly not painful.

The surgeon will inject a dermal filler into the nose—usually Radiesse or Voluma, but this might vary with the surgeon and the patient. Indeed, some surgeons will offer permanent fillers, so your results will last for decades. Valerie, however, has decided on a temporary filler, such as Radiesse. It only takes a few injections for the process to be complete. And once those injections are done, Valerie is able to see the results almost immediately.

Returning Home

Valerie is able to return home immediately following her injections. And she sees her results clear as day in the mirror. She does notice some slight bruising develop over the next couple of days, but it recedes in short order. Valerie notices that the changes to her nose look fantastic—subtle and natural.

A non surgical nose job doesn’t make huge changes to the nose, after all. But it does address the drooping tip that was bothering Valerie. So now she doesn’t feel like people are staring at her nose. She feels like they’re appreciating the way she looks—the way she always looks.

And the best part is that the results are subtle enough that no one really knows she had work done. They just notice she looks good.

Not For Everyone

Now, Valerie’s results turned out pretty well. But a non surgical nose job isn’t for everyone. First, you have to make sure that your nose issues require adding volume. (A non surgical nose job can’t necessarily remove volume.) But for those, such as Valerie, that find non surgical rhinoplasty to be a valid option, the results can be an exceptional alternative to a surgical procedure.

For those patients, non surgical nose job can be a faster, easier, and less expensive (at least in the short run) way to change your nose. What is it like to get a non surgical nose job? For most patients, it’s a relatively easy experience. Hopefully a description of “Valerie’s” hypothetical non surgical nose job has helped clear that up!

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