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Summary: Famous faces all around Hollywood have been spotted with plumped up pouts. Lip enhancement is not just for celebrities, though- you too can achieve a pout that is deliciously camera worthy.

Autographs, Please!

Celebrities seem to always be trying to avoid the paparazzi, and many do not want to be photographed. If you understand where they are coming from because you are unhappy with your thinning lips, considering a lip enhancement may give you the confidence needed to make you camera ready. Your personal day to day world may not be as glamorous as that of the rich and famous, there is no reason you can’t feel that same confidence when you walk out of your house. We all have the right to feel like a million bucks, and with a plumped up pout you could be one step closer to realizing this dream.

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A Voluminous New You

As we age, we lose volume in our skin causing it to sag. This is why we get wrinkles, and this is also why sometimes our lips tend to thin as we get older. Some of us never had big lips to begin with, and some of us are just now experiencing the downside to a pout that is less than perfect. No matter what your lip issues are, there are ways to fix it and get the look you desire. When it comes to lip enhancement, you have a few options:

  • Natural lip plumping products like lip glosses infused with mints and other collagen stimulating materials can give your lips a natural looking fullness. These products however are extremely temporary and it’s important to remember that they do not always work.
  • Injecting your lips with fillers is one of the most popular ways to increase the volume of your pout. Replacing lost volume will fill out your look- much like Botox and other products decrease the appearance of wrinkles by filling them in with the injectables.
  • Lip implants are the post permanent way to give you a bodacious mouth.  Implants work as they do in other areas of your body and are inserted surgically through cuts made to in the inner lip. Not always the most natural looking, however, it is important that you really research this option and see if the permanent change is what you are looking for.

The 3 S’s: Symmetry, Size and Shape

As with any other augmentation procedure, there are 3 major things to consider: symmetry, size and shape of your final results. You want to make sure that your lips look the same on the top and the bottom. A top lip that is over-filled or “over-done” is an obvious sign that your pout is not natural. Size is a big one, too. Many celebrities especially go for the “bigger is better” mentality and end up with results that scream cosmetic enhancement. Unless the unnatural look is what you are going for, make sure that you make it clear that you are looking for a subtle change. Lastly, shape. You want to make sure that your lips match your face. While too thin lips are a sure give away of age, lips that are too big may overwhelm your face. Balance is critical!

Famous Face

Hollywood has spoken and plumped up lips are the hot must-have of the season. If you are interested in filling out your thin or thinning lips, discuss all your options for temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent changes to your lips today! You have the right to shine, no matter how fabulous (or ordinary) your daily routine!

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