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Summary: How long does Botox take to accomplish? It’s going to depend on what you’re trying to do (and how you’re doing it). The same is true with something like a dermal filler injection. That said, patients are generally quoted anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes for the procedure to be completed. Often, that estimate does not include any personal variables that may add time. So we’ll take a look in a little more depth at how long these procedures take, but best estimates will come from your medspa professional or your surgeon.

How Long Does Botox Take?

Botox is often advertised as both quick and easy. Indeed, so are dermal fillers and other injectable procedures. But how long does Botox take? How long does Juvederm take, for that matter? How quickly can you realistically be in and out of the medspa or cosmetic surgery clinic?

Some of that will vary based on the venue. A medical spa in Minneapolis might have different intake procedures than a clinic in Dallas. But the basic concepts are the same. And people tend to expect varying times in a waiting room. The real question is how long everything will take once you sit down in that chair.

Most places don’t like to over-promise only to under-deliver. So times that you see on a clinic’s website might be somewhat exaggerated. It’s hard to fault anyone for that–it gives the medical professionals or the cosmetic surgeon some time to work without having to feel rushed. And that’s definitely a good thing! But how long can you realistically expect to sit in the chair? Well, the unfortunately realistic answer is: it depends.

How Long Do Botox Injections Take?

It might be helpful, then, to break down some of these times by procedure. Part of that is because injectables often have multiple uses. So let’s first take a look at Botox. If you’re going in for a series of Botox injections, you can probably expect to be in and out in about fifteen minutes.

There are some variables when it comes to that, of course. Those variables might include the following:

  • If you’re getting Botox injections for migraines or TMJ, the appointment may take longer
  • Patients who are undergoing Botox injections for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) may also expect longer wait times
  • If you require a higher number of injections, the process may take longer
  • Patients who have multiple questions for your surgeon may also require a longer session

The length of your Botox procedure may also depend on whether you want anything to improve your comfort. Many injectables are performed with, essentially, an ice pack. Some patients find the ice pack adequate, while others want a little more anesthetic power. That extra layer of a numbing agent may be provided in some cases, but it will likely need time to take effect.

This would increase the amount of time for your Botox appointment. In general, patients can expect to be in and out in 15-30 minutes for Botox.

How Long Do Dermal Fillers Take?

The next most common question concerns dermal filler appointments. Fillers are used to treat a specific type of wrinkle–those caused by loss of volume with aging. But that’s not all they’re used for. There are so many variables when it comes to dermal fillers that pinning down a specific time can be problematic.

However, in general, you can expect dermal filler appointments to take roughly 15 minutes to perform. That will change, however, if you:

  • Are using dermal filler injections for broader purposes, such as a non surgical nose job or eye lift.
  • Are having multiple dermal filler injections performed
  • Require more than the typical anesthetic
  • Are using dermal fillers for off-label purposes
  • Require treating a relatively sensitive or difficult to reach area

In other words, the specifics of your dermal filler injection treatment will vary depending on who you are, what you’re doing, and so on. However, generally speaking, most dermal filler injectable treatments do not last more than thirty minutes. So you can feel pretty confident about that 15-30 minute range unless your surgeon says otherwise.

Unpredictable Variables

Whether you’re talking about Botox injections or dermal fillers, it’s important to remember that these times are given as estimates. In other words, your mileage will vary and it’s almost impossible to give an accurate estimate without knowing you personally. That said, it helps to have a vague idea of how long these procedures will take.

After all, Botox and dermal fillers have made a name for themselves as a convenient way to get results. That’s certainly true, whether your injection takes fifteen minutes, thirty, or sixty, it still takes less time than major surgery (especially when you include the recovery period).

How long does Botox take or how long do dermal fillers take? It depends on what you’re trying to do. I know that’s not always a satisfying answer, but the best place to get that answer is from your surgeon.

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