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how long will your breast augmentation last

Summary: How long should your breast augmentation last? The procedure itself will take only a couple of hours, and then you’ll recover (mostly) over a week. But how long will those results last? How long will you be able to enjoy your bigger bust? Well, once you’ve decided on a breast augmentation procedure, that’s definitely something you should start discussing with a surgeon! But we can get that conversation going now.

How Long Will My Breast Augmentation Last?

So you’ve decided to do it: you’re getting a breast augmentation procedure. Now that you’ve committed to the procedure (or, really, committed to learning more about it), there are probably a few things we should discuss. First and foremost, you’re probably wondering how long your breast augmentation will last.

Well, it turns out that determining how long your breast augmentation will last is actually kind of complicated. There are a lot of variables, including your body type and your desired outcome. But let’s start with what we do know. According to the FDA, most silicone breast implants are rated to last roughly 10 years.

Of course, sometimes the milk in your refrigerator is good beyond the expiration date. The same is true of your breast implants. So let’s get into some of the details here.

Much Will Depend on Your Implant Type

Your implant type will be incredibly important when it comes to determining how long your results for last. These days, there are three prominent implant types: saline, silicone, and fat graft. Among those two, silicone and fat graft are the most popular. So let’s take a look at how long they last.

  • Silicone breast implants will last at least ten years (on average). Indeed, some implants have even been reported to last up to twenty-five years. For some, this is essentially a lifetime of results. However, when the implants are ready to be removed, this will require a surgical procedure.
  • Fat graft implants are, essentially, a lifetime commitment. Unless you get a liposuction procedure to remove the fat from the breasts, the fat that is grafted to your bust will effectively stay there. Now, once there it will be subject to all the same forces of aging and gravity as the rest of your body—so your results might not necessarily be permanent. But that fat will likely be there for decades.

Choosing your implant type will depend on many variables, including how long the implant will last. Other variables will include the desired final shape, size, and how natural one wants it to look.

It Will Also Depend on Your Lifestyle

Silicone breast implants have an incredibly low failure rate. Meaning that even if you were to experience a rupture (which is rare), you’d probably never even notice it. However, if there are detrimental effects from your implant, you’ll want to remove it immediately (and that will end the lifespan of that particular implant).

In most cases, however, patients voluntarily choose to remove implants as they get older for aesthetic reasons. According to Clear Lake breast surgeon Dr. Charles Polsen, many patients will either choose to downsize or eliminate their breast implants of their own volition.

Many times this will happen because of changes in taste or in their own self image. For example, many women feel as though smaller implants (or getting rid of too large implants) over time better suites where they are in life. Of course, there are plenty of women who want larger breasts at any age!

It all comes down to what any particular patient wants. Breast implants are put in under the assumption that they will be removed one day (of course, this isn’t as true for fat graft procedures). In other words, in most cases with silicone breast implants, how long they will last is largely up to you! And that’s the way it should be.

An Effectively Permanent Procedure

Breast augmentation is treated as an effectively permanent procedure. Even if the implants are one day removed, permanent changes are made to the size and shape of your body. For most breast augmentation patients, that’s ideal. That’s what they want.

But it’s still important to emphasize that fact when we talk about how long breast augmentation procedure will generally last. When we talk about “how long results will last,” we really mean the desired results: the larger breasts. Other aspects will likely last a lifetime if not addressed by surgery.

For example, with larger breasts you’ll likely develop a little bit of extra skin as well. While the larger breast implants are in, you’ll probably never notice this. But once the implants are removed, you might want to remove that excess skin to maintain a youthful look.

Whatever you decide, it should be your desires that drive the conversation forward. Luckily, when it comes to determining how long breast implants will last, those desires are decidedly in the driver’s seat.

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