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Summary: When we take a look at SkinPen’s lasting effects, what do we see? We know that SkinPen works well in the short term, which is true of many cosmetic surgery procedures. Do the long term effects of SkinPen help that procedure stand out in any way? Let’s take a look at what SkinPen’s results might look like a few years from now to be sure!

A Look at SkinPen’s Lasting Effects

As one of the foremost microneedling devices on the market today, there’s no doubt that SkinPen is one of the most recognizable modern cosmetic surgery procedures offered. But when we take a look at SkinPen’s lasting effects, the question of effectiveness becomes much more pronounced.

That’s largely because when you pay thousands of dollars for a cosmetic surgery procedure, you want to be sure that it works. And make no mistake about it, SkinPen can be quite expensive. Those costs are usually tabulated on a per treatment basis, but there are various add ons that patients can request that are designed to augment overall treatment.

So how does SkinPen hold up over the long run? Clearly, results are going to be the most potent the closer you are to your actual treatment time (minus recovery). And it’s not so much that SkinPen’s effect will fade over time. It’s more accurate to say that your face simply continues to age. This is true or any major plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure; nothing discovered yet actually reverses the aging process. But we can take a look at SkinPen’s lasting effects and how that might stack up compared to other non surgical procedures.

What is SkinPen, Anyway?

Sure, it’s one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures on the market today–but that’s a pretty specialized market. So it’s entirely possible you haven’t heard of SkinPen beyond its incredibly catchy name. That’s why it might be useful if we spend just a couple of minutes talking about what SkinPen actually does.

Generally speaking, SkinPen is a microneedling procedure. Here’s what that means:

  • A SkinPen device is designed to make numerous (literally hundreds of thousands, according to the manufacturer) of tiny punctures into your skin. Obviously, those punctures are tiny, measured in fractions of millimeters.
  • On their own, these punctures are easy enough for your body to heal. But because there are so many of them, your body tends to overestimate the amount of healing work that needs to be accomplished.
  • In other words, your body releases a significant amount of healing compounds and chemicals–more than is necessary to heal those punctures. Those excess healing compounds, including collagen, work to make your skin appear more vibrant and youthful.
  • The microneedling process itself can also help with other, topical issues, such as acne scars. Essentially, the outermost layer of your skin will be rejuvenated.

Adding PRP to SkinPen

It’s not uncommon to add injections of platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) to the SkinPen injections described above. PRP is a compound derived from your own body (usually via a process in which you submit a small amount of your blood to a centrifugal purification process). PRP is usually applied topically after a Microneedling or SkinPen session, and the idea is that these topical injections will amplify the healing process that is already happening.

Long Term Results from SkinPen

SkinPen treatments make subtle but permanent changes to your skin. It’s not like a Botox or dermal filler injection where the changes are short lived and revert back to their original state once the treatment wears off. Instead, the effects from SkinPen treatments tend to linger. You will, of course, have a period of “peak” effects at some point after your treatment (usually this manifests a few weeks after your initial SkinPen treatment).

SkinPen can permanently mitigate acne scars and other skin and aging spots that may develop. However, SkinPen will not prevent new spots or scars from forming. Patients have to understand that their skin (in whatever area is treated) will continue to age even if some of those signs of aging have been diminished.

Usually the radiance and and glow from SkinPen treatments will be the most transitory of effects. Your body will continue to age and the newly rejuvenated skin will eventually begin to return to a more “normal” appearance. Whether your skin requires regular treatments in order to maintain your results is usually determined on an individual level. However, one round of treatments is usually sufficient to erase signs of aging such as age spots or acne scars.

SkinPen’s lasting effects tend to be the most powerful when it comes to diminishing lines, scars, and spots–not to mention improving overall skin color. If that’s what your primary goals are, then the investment in SkinPen could definitely pay off. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon about whether SkinPen might be right for you.


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About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been working as a marketer for decades. In the past twenty years, he’s written about the plastic and cosmetic surgery fields extensively, speaking with surgeons and bring their messages to the masses.

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