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Summary: Tight and toned is sexy, but when it comes to arms, many of us fall under the “lunch lady” category. Say goodbye to your flab with an arm lift!

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Lunch Lady Arms

We’ve all heard the expression “lunch lady arms.” It refers to un-toned, flabby upper arms that typically droop and have excess skin. It doesn’t sound very attractive, but unfortunately many of us suffer from this issue. Arms can be one of the hardest body parts to work out, and even after you start to lose the flab you’re still left with extra skin! Put all of these issues behind you and start concentrating on a solution. Our suggestion? An arm lift!

Arm Lift 101

Of all the plastic surgery procedures out there, people don’t talk about arm lifts as often as they should. Arm lifts, or “brachioplasty,” involve removing excess skin and fat to regain a more toned appearance of the upper arm. Surgery like this is typically geared toward patients with history of obesity who have lost a significant amount of weight, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t benefit from an arm lift: it also applies to patients who have lost skin elasticity to due to age, heredity or a million other factors that you probably identify with. If you are self conscious about the way your arms look when they aren’t all covered up, its time to make the move towards plastic surgery.

Ask the Experts

The experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery told us that when it comes to their New Jersey arm lifts, the key is making sure that you are a good candidate for surgery. It is important that you are healthy, because typically arm lifts are considered major surgery with general anesthesia. Other important things to consider include:

  • Your happiness with the appearance of your upper arms. If you are sick of the flab and want nothing more than sexy arms, then you are in a great place to start discussing an arm lift with your surgeon.
  • Your diet and exercise plan. If you have tried everything and your arm fat still will not budge, chances are brachioplasty can give you the look you’ve been working towards.
  • Your genetic factors. If you have loose or sagging skin on your upper arms due to age, weight loss, pregnancy or hereditary factors, your life could be changed with an arm lift!

The New Jersey plastic surgeons at ECAPS believe that anyone with excess fat or skin on their upper arms can benefit from arm lift surgery. Recovery for the procedure isn’t that bad, either. You should be able to walk immediately following surgery and will be up and about within a day or two! How can you resist? If you are interested in ditching that “lunch lady” swing,  talk to a board certified plastic surgeon today and (finally!) be on your way to toned sexy arms!

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