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questions to ask before your breast augmentation

Summary: Breast reduction is a procedure that doesn’t get a lot of credit these days. Sure, that’s changing as the procedure become a little more popular. But it’s always overshadowed by other procedures, such as breast augmentation. So let’s take a look at breast reduction and figure out why it works so well for so many people.

The Long List of Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast augmentation procedures generally take all the credit. They get the front page treatment on all the marketing material. But I tend to think that one of the most important breast procedures is actually the breast reduction. That’s not to take anything away from breast augmentation—it does a lot of good for a lot of people.

But breast reduction procedures don’t seem to get the attention they warrant. Perhaps, then, we can refer to breast reduction as the most underrated breast procedure. That seems fair for the moment. While there are plenty of reasons that breast augmentation may overshadow its procedural sibling, I think I’d rather focus on what makes breast reduction so great.

So let’s take a look at the many benefits of a breast reduction procedure.

Benefit #1: Breast Reduction Can Mean Less Pain

Whether due to genetics or to lifestyle, the breasts can increase in size over one’s life. That added size comes with added mass, and that added mass means added weight. Additional weight in the breasts can lead to a wide range of problems and strains on the body.

For many patients, this manifests as neck and back pain. Breast reduction is a good way to treat this neck and back pain. Think about it this way: your body is designed to handle a certain amount of weight in the chest. But when more weight is added over time, it’s like you’re asking your body to hold that extra weight.

And your body never gets to take a break. This can cause neck and back pain and it can even cause headaches. This pain tends to be chronic (since there’s really no relief from the strain) and can certainly impact quality of life. A breast reduction can help mitigate this chronic pain by returning the mass of the breasts to something closer to what your body is able to comfortably handle.

Benefit #2: Youthful Appearance

The other primary benefit of a breast reduction is that it offers patients a more youthful appearance. While a breast augmentation changes the breasts for a wide variety of reasons, youth is among them—but it’s not quite the same. Excess tissue around the breasts can often be seen as a sign of aging.

So to mitigate that sign of aging, surgeons are able to remove that extra tissue. In many cases, a breast lift procedure will often be performed in conjunction with a breast reduction. A breast lift is designed to reorient the breasts.

One of the things that happens as the breasts accumulate more tissue (and more mass) is that the orientation of the breasts change to face downward more than they did in their youth. A breast lift, in conjunction with a breast reduction, change the orientation so that it’s a little perkier. This means that the breasts will look significantly younger once the procedure is complete. This can give patients a significant amount of brand new confidence in the way they look.

Other Benefits

The benefits of a breast reduction go far beyond the two primary benefits listed above. Other benefits include the following:

  • More comfort during sports and activities (this can be especially beneficial for athletes)
  • More clothing options available to patients
  • Less restrictive or supportive bras become available to patients
  • More overall comfort with one’s body or body image
  • An increase in confidence or self esteem
  • In some cases, breast reduction may be covered by medical insurance

The benefits of a breast reduction procedure will generally depend on what the patients is most concertedly trying to accomplish. Every plastic surgery procedure is, to some degree, tailored to each patient.

Playing Up the Benefits of Breast Reduction

You can see why, then, I think that breast reduction is one of the most underrated plastic surgery procedures out there. It’s a great way for patients to feel comfortable in their own body and relieve the pain associated with overly large breasts.

Whether you’re getting a breast reduction in Chicago or San Diego, it’s important that you seek out a highly qualified surgeon with experience in these procedures. But it’s also important to find someone who will listen to you and what you want your final results to be.

Breast augmentation will probably keep hogging the spotlight. And that’s fine. As long as people don’t forget all of the benefits of breast reduction—and the wonderful things this procedure can do for many people.

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