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Summary: Celebrities have a way of inspiring plastic surgery and popping up in news about plastic surgery. That’s not a shock. But sometimes, celebrities can inspire a complete transformation: people have tried to look like Barbie or Justin Beiber or whoever. But it will take more than a New Jersey breast procedure to make you look like your celebrity role model. In fact, plastic surgery to look like a celebrity is pretty common—but in small doses. Patients want to change one body part to look like a celebrity’s: Kim Kardashian’s behind or Angelina Jolie’s lips. But things get a bit dicey beyond that.

plastic surgery to look like a celebrity

Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity

We’ve talked about Kylie Jenner a lot on this blog—probably more than we should talk about any individual 17 year old. But Jenner is a celebrity, for better or worse, and thus a role model for many individuals. There’s nothing at all inherently wrong with that, and we’re sure Jenner has many features that make her an excellent role model (honestly, we don’t really pay that much attention to her, so correct us if we’re wrong). However, one way that Jenner’s name keeps coming up—and the way that we’re most interested in—is as a patient of aesthetic plastic surgery.

In fact, a new report, published in OK! Magazine, claims that Jenner has not only spent over two million dollars on plastic surgery, but that she’s done it so that she can look more like her sister, Kim Kardashian. If true, this would be something of a bombshell, not least because of Jenner’s status as a minor. Two million dollars is a lot of money to spend on plastic surgery—that’s a lot of high-end procedures. And, of course, many of those procedures are irreversible, as it goes. Most plastic surgeons are hesitant to operate on such young patients, often because their bodies have not yet finished developing. In short, most plastic surgeons agree that 17 is far too young for something like a breast augmentation.

Examples of This Type of Plastic Surgery

Let’s just say we’re taking this piece of news with a grain of salt. Until it’s confirmed by someone other than “sources,” we’re going to treat it as rumor, and not a very interesting rumor at that. But it does give us an opportunity to talk about some of the motivations behind plastic surgery more broadly. Because here’s the thing, we try not to judge, but we’re not sure that looking like someone else is the best kind of motivation for changing your body.

That said, it’s also not terribly uncommon. There are people out there who have had extensive plastic surgery procedures to look like Barbie (or Ken), Justin Beiber, Beyonce and so on. Plastic surgery patients who want to look like a celebrity are certainly not unheard of, and in many cases, the results truly are excellent. What’s even more common is the plastic surgery patient who wants the body part of a certain celebrity: Megan Fox’s lips, Beyonce’s behind, Angelina Jolie’s curves, and so on. At first, there might not seem to be a qualitative difference between the two, but I would argue that point.

Difference Between Looking Like a Celebrity and Being Inspired By One

Indeed, there’s a difference between changing your identity entirely—to look like Barbie—and augmenting your identity with the look of a celebrity. In the end, it comes down to this: being happy with who you are. And while I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes that takes more work (or surgery) for some people than it does for others, it’s important to remember that the point of plastic surgery is to help you unleash the real you—it’s supposed to be about making sure the outside matches in the inside.

Or, if you think about it another way, plastic surgery is designed to help you showcase how unique and individual you are. That might be difficult to do if you’re trying to look totally and completely like someone else. This is different than want the lips of Megan Fox—you’re still you, at the end of the day. Of course, this isn’t meant to come down too harshly on those who have undergone a more extensive transformation. Because that’s what plastic surgery is all about: the ability and the power to transform yourself, to whatever degree you’d like to do that. We just think that one approach—or motivating force—necessitates a little more thought, reflection, and, perhaps, hesitation than the others.

We’re All Inspired by Celebrities

Of course, when all is said and done, all plastic surgery decisions are up to the patients (within a certain boundary). We shouldn’t be surprised that patients want to look like celebrities. After all, celebrities are role models, and we all want to be a little bit more like our role models. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that not all of us have the money to completely transform into our role models.

Maybe there’s a lighter, more positive way that I can get my message across. People are pretty awesome. You are pretty awesome. If you want to change some things about yourself, that’s awesome too. Just make sure that your own identity doesn’t take a back seat to whims of a celebrity—because then we lose some of you. And, like I said, you’re awesome.

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