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Summary: The most famous blonde bombshell of… well… maybe EVER has recently been “outed” as a having been a fan of plastic surgery. Newly surfaced documents prove that Marilyn Monroe underwent surgery on both her nose and her chin.

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The Legend Herself

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean Baker, was (and still is) a wildly popular sex-symbol. Her gorgeous face and voluptuous curves were every man’s dream in the 1950’s, and many still idolize her as ideal image of natural beauty. Back in those days’ people didn’t really talk about cosmetic surgery like we do today, and up until now any mention of Marilyn and plastic surgery was nothing but a rumor. That was, of course, until documents recently surfaced providing us once and for all with the proof we need to know that the starlet did in fact go under the knife.

Spectacular Speculation

For years people questioned whether or not the blonde beauty had undergone any cosmetic alterations and now we have our proof. Documents dated June 7, 1962, just one week after Marilyn’s 36th birthday (and two months before her death), reveal that the star (using the alias “Joan Newman”) had a cartilage implant procedure for a “chin deformity” in 1950. A facial X-ray also found shows she had a small fracture on her nose, confirming claims that Marilyn had rhinoplasty early in her career.

Her Procedures Explained

As mentioned above, Marilyn may have undergone two surgeries- rhinoplasty, and chin augmentation. These procedures are still wildly popular today among both the famous and the non-famous. If you are curious about either surgery, below is a brief description of each. Who knows, maybe you’ll follow in Marilyn’s famous footsteps and elect to have these procedures, too!

  • Rhinoplasty has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures amongst both men and women for years. Consistently being ranked as most popular for teens and young adults, a rhinoplasty (commonly referred to as a “nose job”) can change the entire appearance of your face. Since your nose is likely your most predominant facial feature, altering it can have a big impact. Many Minneapolis plastic surgeons are experts in the area of rhinoplasty.
  • Chin Augmentation: Gaining more and more popularity in recent years, chin augmentations have blown up to be one of the most common procedures of our time. For those concerned with their profile or face shape, a new chin can create definition and dominance where there wasn’t any before.

That Famous Face

The megastar was an incredible actress and a popular figure in Hollywood before her untimely death. We all look up to Marilyn Monroe as a picture of beauty… we just wish she was around today to talk about her cosmetic surgery! Since we can’t go straight to the source, we have to rely on these found documents to piece together her plastic surgery story. If it is true that the star underwent both a chin augmentation and a rhinoplasty procedure, the iconic beauty did a great job of keeping it a secret… until now.

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