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Summary: 18 year old Courtney Stodden, wife of 52 year old ‘Green Mile’ star Doug Hutchinson, has been in the limelight for a few years and seems to be a (rumored!) champion of major cosmetic surgery.

Getting to Know Courtney

When Courtney Stodden married actor Doug Hutchinson 2 years ago she was relatively unknown. Today, however, the teen bride has become a famous face for cosmetic enhancements and living an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle. Speculation as to how much plastic surgery Courtney has had is always up for debate, but when looking at before and after pictures you can see that her journey towards perfect beauty hasn’t been achieved in 100% natural ways. The most recent news in her surgical endeavors comes out of a meeting with the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Nevin, where it is reported that they discussed finally enhancing the breasts that Stodden has until now defended as being real.


Breast Augmentation Rumors

When you look at nude pictures of Courtney Stodden you will see that she isn’t necessarily as “stacked” as she typically appears in photographs. It is rumored that this is because Courtney is an obsessive “bra stuffer” and relies heavily on padding and tissue to achieve the round look she presents to the world. Many women today try to give the appearance that they too have bigger breasts by using these temporary techniques but much like Stodden a lot of these women eventually cave and undergo a permanent augmentation procedure. Courtney’s meeting with Dr. Nevin may suggest that she too will soon be going under the knife and improving her bust line once and for all. Breast implants and lifts can provide a fuller, curvier look for those wishing to fill out their bikini without a bunch of foam.

Rumor Mill at Work

Courtney Stodden, her mother, and her husband Doug Hutchinson like to insist that Courtney is au natural, but even the quickest study of her pictures over the last few years will suggest otherwise. Public meetings with influential cosmetic surgeons also suggest that Stodden is looking towards plastic surgery to give her look that boost she desires. Breast augmentation procedures are very common among women who don’t feel that their chest size measures up, and for those who are constant “stuffers” like Courtney, a permanent solution could kick the padding habit for good. Courtney Stodden is beautiful, but if the rumor mill has its information straight, the star may look even more enhanced in days to come.

Following in Courtney’s 7-inch Heels

Changing your look with cosmetic surgery can be a fun and effective way to create a body and face that is more enhanced than your own. If you desire any augmentations, you can always talk to a board certified cosmetic surgeon like Courtney did and get the information you need to make your final decision. While we aren’t completely sure that Stodden has had major work done, images of the star do suggest otherwise. Regardless of fact vs. fiction, Courtney Stodden has become a celebrity to watch in the world of plastic surgery and we are rooting for her during her transformation (whatever that may include…)

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  1. Whatever Courtney is doing I LOVE IT!!! and that picture of her on that bike makes me wanna be a grocery bag that fits right in the front basket! go girl!

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