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Summary: So many people make resolutions around the dawning of the New Year that it’s basically a tradition. Everyone knows about the New Year’s Resolution—and how we really want to keep them but often don’t. At the same time, sometimes the pressure of keeping those resolutions, or following the advice of people and journalists who really want to help us keep them, can push us into doing something we’d rather not be doing. So, we think it’s best to take a step back and make sure we’re walking into our Los Angeles cosmetic surgery clinic with our cards on the table, sure this is what we want. That’s the best way to proceed.

Check this before you visit your local Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery clinic

Cosmetic Surgery Resolutions

The month of January is replete with New Year’s Resolution advice—ways to honor your commitments and ways to get around them. And if you don’t have any New Year’s Resolutions, don’t worry, because there are plenty of articles out there telling you what you should be resolving to do (you should read more—there, I solved your problem). This isn’t going to be one of those articles—and there’s a good reason as to why. This article is about combating those pressures rather than succumbing to them, especially in the arena of cosmetic surgery. All of those how-to’s and New Year’s Resolutions can really generate an intense amount of pressure, and we never like to have any feel pressured into a cosmetic procedure.

So let’s slow things down a bit. We know you’re eager to get your New Year’s Resolution groove on, and even more eager to see the results, but it’s just as important to make sure you’re making a sound choice before running out to your local Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery clinic.

Who’s Putting the Pressure On?

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you’re listening to yourself. That is, you don’t want to get that Botox unless it’s you that wants the Botox. Yes, it’s temporary, and yes, many dermal fillers are reversible. But these are medical procedures, and it’s important that you consent to what you’re putting in your body. Most cosmetic surgeons will, of course, discuss this with you before any procedures start, and will likely hold off on treating patients that are hesitant or who seem more concerned with pleasing a boyfriend or a girlfriend than in achieving results for personal reasons.

People have cosmetic procedures performed for all sorts of reasons, and impressing other people might genuinely be one of them. After all, that’s one of the reasons why anyone wants to look good. But those undergoing the cosmetic procedure should be driving the interest here: the statement should be “I want to look good,” not, “My boyfriend think I would look better if…” There’s a noticeable difference between the two, and paying attention to that difference can often drive a successful cosmetic interaction and a negative one. So, make sure you’re going in for your own reasons and no one else’s. After all: it’s your body.

Don’t Make Impulse Decisions

Cosmetic procedures can be accomplished rather quickly. Most don’t take much more than an hour. And while that’s incredibly convenient (that’s the point), it can lead to some impulse purchases. And while impulse purchases won’t hurt you so much in the candy aisle, it doesn’t always make for the best cosmetic surgery results. What if you don’t know the difference between Bellafill and Radiesse? Or what’s more, what if you don’t know the difference between Botox and a dermal filler? Ideally, of course, your cosmetic surgeon would key you in on the differences, but your cosmetic surgeon may not have an accurate image of your desired results (miscommunication does, after all, occur occasionally).

The solution is research: before you go in for a procedure, it’s in your interest to thoroughly research that procedure. Or, look at it another way: if you have something you’d like to change—if you want to get rid of lines and wrinkles—it’s in your interest to research the best way to achieve that. Cosmetic surgeon websites these days are usually great resources for information. So it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to figure out what makes Botox different from Bellafill and vice versa. This will help you make an informed, educated choice when the cosmetic surgeon suggests a course of action.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

It’s easy to think about cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures as a kind of miracle drug—it will work wonders on your face and make you look twenty years younger. Except it won’t. As much as we might like to think otherwise, we still live in the real world. Cosmetic surgery procedures can be remarkably effective for what they are—but they won’t take twenty years off your face. It’s important, then, that you maintain realistic expectations about what these procedures will entail.

Generally, nonsurgical cosmetic surgery options target lines and wrinkles on the face or are designed to add volume to select, targeted areas. This means that nonsurgical cosmetic surgical procedures can achieve definite, immediate results—but that they’re often subtle. They simply are not designed to change your entire face. In order to be satisfied with these results, it’s imperative that you maintain realistic expectations. It’s difficult to do, given how much hype surrounds certain procedures. But those patients who succeed in maintaining such expectations are generally much more satisfied with the procedure.

Doing Cosmetic Surgery Right

Nearly all cosmetic surgery providers are committed to doing things the right way. So much of this information would be reinforced by the cosmetic surgeon as soon as you seek out any type of treatment. But it’s always important for the patient to be informed and conscious of what is happening. In fact, that leads to better communication and, ultimately, better results. That said, cosmetic surgery is quite popular for a reason—because most people who seek out procedures love the results. Cosmetic surgery can make you look more youthful and more vital, give you a rejuvenating jolt. But you need to do it for your own reasons, and use it to help be truer to your real self. At it’s best, that’s what cosmetic surgery does.

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