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Summary: The current trend in rhinoplasty for men is to keep (or create) a large predominant nose and embrace ethnic heritage. We are experiencing a surge in male cosmetic surgery, and the popularity of rhinoplasty is quickly making its climb to the top.

Strong Features for 2013

Cosmetic surgery trends change from year to year, especially when it comes to what is popular for men. For years, many men were seeking out looks that were more dainty and “boyish” (think Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby McGuire, etc.) It seems, however, that this look is on its way out, and larger, squarer features are having their day in the sun. Celebrities like Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and James Bond himself Daniel Craig have less conventional looks and seem to be leading the movement towards a more “masculine” looking face.


No More Small Noses

Oftentimes common features of those from various ethnic backgrounds include a large, predominant nose. Those of Middle Eastern, Jewish, and Latino decent typically have a nose that would be considered “disproportionate” to the rest of their face. Today, however, this look is being coveted by men who wish to appear more masculine like their famous celebrity superheroes. There are many ways to achieve this look (such as making the chin appear smaller to amplify other features), but the easiest, most common way seems to be through ethnic rhinoplasty. To learn more about this procedure we suggest visiting Miami rhinoplasty surgeon – Dr. Moises Salama from Elite Plastic Surgery in Florida.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Facts

“Ethnic rhinoplasty” refers to cosmetic surgery on the nose that keeps a man’s heritage and genetic makeup in mind. Patients who choose this method of nose job don’t wish to erase their cultural trademarks but simply enhance or perfect them. Sometimes ethnic noses can have tips that curve or bridges that are too flat, and a cosmetic surgeon will go in and repair these issues while still leaving you with a predominant look. There are several benefits to this approach:

  • There seems to be less desire currently for a conventionally attractive “white-bread” face. Ethnic rhinoplasty is sensitive to your background and genetics and will leave your mysterious, multicultural look intact.
  • Rhinoplasty is a growing trend among men because strong features are oftentimes seen as a sign of masculinity and power. For professional men who wish to put their best, most capable face forward, a predominant nose may benefit you in more ways than one.
  • Cosmetic surgery is meant to leave you looking like a better version of yourself, not necessarily like a whole new person. Ethnically-sensitive procedures don’t reinvent your look completely, but give you a better natural looking appearance.

The Trend of Men

According to the American Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men accounted for almost 800,000 cosmetic procedures in 2012. This represents almost 10% of surgeries performed last year, and the number is continuing to grow. Celebrities like Hamm and Craig (who have less conventional looks) are influencing the scene like never before and pointing patients in a new direction when it comes to what’s considered sexy. Strong, confident features are taking the world by storm right now, and it is a look that can be achieved in part by a rhinoplasty procedure sensitive to your ethnic background. Don’t erase all your signs of character, simply enhance them. Talk to a board certified plastic surgeon today about your options for giving your face a powerful new makeover.

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