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women getting skinpen treatment; what happens during microneedling recovery

Summary: It’s a popular procedure, but what is Microneedling recovery like when you’ve actually been through it? And are the results from Microneedling worth this recovery? It all depends on your outlook. For some patients, Microneedling will definitely be worth it. Other patients might need some convincing. This procedure uses your body’s own healing properties, so the results can be variable.

Really, What is Microneedling Recovery Like For Everyday People?

Microneedling is a trending and popular procedure often touted for its ability to generate striking results with little downtime. But what is Microneedling recovery like for the average patient? And are the results worth that downtime? To some degree that’s a question that can only be answered on an individualized basis.

And we should make clear that this article is not intended as a substitute for advice from your cosmetic surgeon. If you go to a cosmetic surgeon or a medical spa, you should receive detailed recovery instructions so you know exactly what you can and cannot expect after your microneedling procedure.

One of the big appeals of Microneedling, after all, is that the procedure is non invasive and recovery is quite easy. You just have to give your skin a couple of days to heal and you can be back at work, where your friends and colleagues will regularly remark about how good you look. What is Microneedling recovery really like? Is that how it goes for most patients? Let’s take a quick look at what most patients can expect from this procedure.

What Happens During a Microneedling Treatment?

Microneedling is a treatment that essentially tricks your skin into rejuvenating itself. The goal of the procedure is to reduce lines and wrinkles, diminish age spots, and even out skin tone. Many patients feel as thought Microneedling puts a youthful glow back into their skin that is difficult to replicate with any other procedure.

How does Microneedling accomplish this? Essentially, a Microneedling device (SkinPen is one such popular device) will make dozens or hundreds of tiny cuts on your skin over a small area. These cuts are measured in millimeters. They’re very, very small. So they’re not going to cause any kind of permanent damage to your skin.

But your skin doesn’t know that. Your body releases all kinds of healing and growth factors. The damage is quickly repaired and all of those left over healing molecules turn instead to rejuvenation. This means that wrinkles are diminished, lines recede, and your skin looks overall more healthy and youthful. The procedure itself can be mildly uncomfortable–some patients equate the feeling to sunburn. And the redness usually disappears within three days or so.

What Happens During Microneedling Recovery

There are some cosmetic surgery procedures where the patient can be in and out without any required downtime. This is not one of those procedures–though the downtime isn’t usually required for health or result-oriented reasons. Most patients choose to stay home for a few days after Microneedling because their faces are quite red.

That’s a result of the surface area treatment. The redness from Microneedling will usually go away in three to five days. Sometimes, there might be some slight bruising as well, and that will usually diminish in the same time frame.

So while it’s true that you can’t necessarily return to work after a Microneedling treatment, the primary reason for this has to do with the aesthetics of a very red face than anything else. Your surgeon will tell you when you can expect to return to work or other normal activities. And there is nothing wrong with taking these easy for a few days in order to let your body concentrate on healing and rejuvenating your face.

Follow Recovery Instructions

Most patients will experience a few days of redness, maybe with some slight swelling and slight bruising. Most of those effects should subside over three to five days. Patients should then be able to comfortably return to work. For most patients, that’s the extent of their Microneedling recovery period.

However, it’s important to note that your surgeon will indeed give you detailed recovery instructions. It’s very important that you follow those instructions because:

  • Those instructions are designed to minimize your discomfort
  • Most recovery instructions are also designed to ensure you get the best results possible
  • Your instructions will be able to identify what’s a normal looking recovery period

It might be a few weeks before you see your peak results–but that doesn’t mean you’ll be in recovery all that time. It simply means that your body needs some time to process all those healing and growth factors.

To find out what Microneedling can do for your particular situation–whether you’re trying to minimize age spots or cope with lines and wrinkles–contact a local medical spa in order to consult with a specialized technician or surgeon. What is Microneedling recovery like? They’re in the best position to tell you what that recovery will be like for you.

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  1. HI…is the Core Recovery necessary to do after Microneedling? It is an option for me to do after I have the Microneedling. It will cost and extra $200…so debating on whether it is necessary.
    Thanks .

    1. Because everyone is different, that’s really a question only your plastic or cosmetic surgeon could answer!

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