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Summary: Miley Cyrus is open about some of her cosmetic procedures, and more hush-hush about others. The superstar singer admits to cosmetic dentistry, but keeps us guessing when it comes to rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

Oh, Miley

Miley Cyrus is everywhere these days. The Hannah Montana star turned music and movie mogul has a hot career that seems to be blowing up. None of us can get her single “We Can’t Stop” out of our heads, and the trailblazer (who is in an on-and-off again engagement with the ever sexy Liam Hemsworth) recently topped 2013’s Maxim Hot 100 list. So, what is it that is making Miley so hot? Rumor has it that cosmetic surgery may be playing a part.


Celebrity Guessing Game

Celebrities constantly have us guessing when it comes to cosmetic surgery (think Taylor Swift and her ever changing breast size…) while other stars just tell it like it is (Amanda Bynes, anyone?) When it comes to Miley’s hotness, there are some things that we know for sure, and others that have us speculating. Ever since the star became an adult the cosmetic surgery rumors have been flying. Some procedures the star may have undergone include:

Whether she did or she didn’t, we can’t help but notice that her nose, lips, and chest look a lot different than they did in her Disney Channel days. As far as these rumors though, they’re staying rumors… the star still holds strong to the fact that she “will never undergo plastic surgery.” (Okay, Miley…)

Miley, Smiley

One thing that Cyrus is happy to admit, however, is that she underwent cosmetic dentistry to fix her teeth. The Veneers that the celeb has are sparkling, white, and straight, and were a great move on Miley’s part since our smile can make or break our image. You have to assume that this surgery is easier to admit than some of the others because it is harder to deny, and it is also seen as less invasive and less “superficial.” Whatever her reason, Miley sings praises for cosmetic dentistry along with other Veneer fans like Hilary Duff and American Idol’s Elliot Yamin.

We Can’t Stop (the Cosmetic Surgery Rumors)

If you are in the spotlight like Miley, people will always be speculating on whether or not you’ve undergone plastic surgery. The superstar knows this, and it is why she may have thrown us a bone when it comes to being honest about cosmetic dentistry. As for her other rumored surgeries only time will tell whether or not the celeb will come clean. When it comes to cosmetic surgery it is important to realize that you can handle the news however you wish. Some of us shout our pride from the rooftops, and some of us choose to keep the world guessing. No matter which approach your cosmetic surgery story models, remember that it is a personal journey and your decision whether or not to keep people buzzing is completely up to you. Hear that, Miley?

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