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fourth of july and plastic surgery

Summary: That plastic surgery is growing in popularity should surprise only a few people, I suppose. However, there’s a new audience that’s finding the benefits of these procedures: Millennials. Sure, they might seem a bit young for these procedures, but that’s only in the eye of the beholder.

Exploring the Link Between Millennials and Plastic Surgery

People like to look good. Sure, many have different ways of defining “good,” and that’s as it should be. But there’s no doubt that we live in a world that expresses a strong degree of pressure on people to be happy with the way they look. In order to combat that pressure, many people invest in cosmetic or plastic surgery, which lets them exercise more control over the way they look (there are, of course, many ways to gain this feeling of control—plastic surgery is just one of them). For some people, this is the best possible solution.

Young people, it turns out, are becoming more and more interested in this solution. According to recent data published by CBS News in Philadelphia, the amount of Millennials seeking plastic surgery procedures has essentially doubled in the last two years. In 2013, Millennials comprised roughly 5% of all plastic surgery patients. These days, they make up over 10% of patients. And, according to plastic surgeons from all over the country, the trend is growing. Millennials—those individuals essentially between the ages of 18 and 30—make up more and more of doctors’ patients each year. And it’s not just because Millennials are getting older.

The Cache of Youth

Not to put too fine a point on it, but youth is a kind of cultural capital these days. It’s currency in the culture. (Of course, that’s not true in all situations universally—I’m speaking intentionally broadly.) At any rate, if you are young and you’re used to your youth being a positive attribute, you’re going to want to hang on to that youth. Which means that a lot of patients, even patients who are in their twenties, come to see the surgeon much sooner—as soon as they see that youth beginning to slip away, perhaps.

This speaks to a couple of things: again, that increased pressure to look young, but also a certain relaxing of stigmas surround plastic surgery. It used to be that you couldn’t tell anyone you had undergone plastic surgery procedures. These days, plastic and cosmetic surgery patients are much more open about their experiences and their results. To be sure, it’s not something that they necessarily go telling complete strangers, but there does seem to be a lessening of all the stigmas and judgments around plastic surgery procedures in general. This makes sense. Plastic surgery is more popular than ever, and the more people who undergo procedures, the less stigma there is.

The Growing Accessibility of Plastic Surgery

It also helps that plastic surgery is simply more accessible than ever before. Because of changes in procedures and financing, more people are getting plastic surgery these days and seeing the excellent results. There is also a wide variety of non surgical procedures available for those who want great results but don’t necessarily want to go under the knife. These non surgical procedures generate subtle results, which are perfect for Millennials who aren’t looking for an entire facelift.

And that speaks to something else as well: Millennials aren’t necessarily looking for a complete overhaul. It used to be that plastic surgery either went big or went home. There was little in the way of middle ground. However, modern plastic surgery techniques have introduced an incredibly degree of control, allowing surgeons to get results both bold and subtle (not to mention everything in between). This means that those plastic surgery procedures are more popular nationwide, from a breast lift in Houston to a Botox injection in Maine. This provides all patients—not just Millennials—with a lot more flexibility when it comes to their plastic surgery procedures.

Feeling Comfortable With Your Own Body

To a large degree, plastic surgery is designed to help patients feel more comfortable in their own bodies. Sometimes, plastic surgery is the only way to make certain changes—not just battling the passage of time, but also making aesthetic changes. Procedures such as breast augmentation and rhinoplasty were always popular with Millennials, among other groups. This recent rise certainly encompasses those procedures, but it’s also moving to include those procedures designed to keep time from moving on too much, to keep patients feeling and looking youthful.

It’s important to remember that, no matter what your age, you should feel comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes, plastic surgery is the best way to accomplish that and sometimes it’s something else. However, if you’re interested in plastic surgery—no matter your age—contact a highly qualified plastic surgeon to get the answers to all your questions.

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