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Summary: Mommy makeover procedures aren’t necessarily new. They’ve been around for a while. But plastic surgeons are finding that when they combine these procedures, the results are, in a way, more than the sum of their parts. Mommy makeover procedures directly target those areas which are most affected by the experience of motherhood: the breasts, the abdomen, the waist, and so on. Every woman is different, of course. But by addressing these areas, moms feel a surge of confidence, a surge of self-esteem, and often note a surge in quality of life afterwards.

Marketing to Moms

Plastic surgery has, traditionally, been marketed to women. It’s, more or less, been that way since the inception of aesthetic plastic surgery (reconstructive plastic surgery has always been distributed a little bit more evenly). It’s not surprising, then, that most plastic surgery patients are indeed women. That doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. Male aesthetic plastic surgery patients are increasing in numbers. But there’s another very specific demographic that is receiving some marketing attention—and for very good reason. That demographic is known most commonly—and most simply—as this: mothers.

So how is marketing to mothers any different from marketing towards women in general? Well, there are a couple of ways that motherhood more or less specifically ages the female body. That is, there are certain physical characteristics that go hand-in-hand with being a mother. And that aging generally takes place in three distinct areas of the body: the breasts, the belly area, and around the waist. Now, when a women decides to tackle all three of those areas at once, it’s a procedure referred to as a “mommy makeover,” and it’s becoming much more popular. You can get a mommy makeover in Minneapolis, or Hollywood, or, probably Anchorage.

What Are Mommy Makeover Procedures?

You might be wondering what exactly a mommy makeover is and how it treats those three specific areas. Well, let’s take a look at that—and we can do that by breaking a mommy makeover down into its three component procedures. Each of these procedures accomplishes great results on their own, and they are often used individually by a wide variety of patients. However, when they join forces, they make a unique impact on the bodies of mothers, reversing the clock in a way that, more or less, makes them look as great as they did before the joy of motherhood began.

Breast Procedures

Often, breast procedures are a significant portion of a mommy makeover. As the human body ages, gravity tends to take a toll, pulling the breasts down—changing the orientation and adding excess skin. Add to this the stress that comes from expressing milk and, well, from pregnancy in general, and it’s easy to see how the breasts may not look as useful as they once did. The solution is a procedure called a breast lift, which makes the breasts look much more youthful and increases the perkiness of the breasts. In other words, it corrects the orientation and removes a degree of excess skin.

Belly Area Procedures

As part of your pregnancy, the skin and tissue around the belly will be stretched. Because your skin loses the elasticity to “bounce back” as you age, your skin will sometimes (okay, often) stay stretched out. This means that no matter how often you exercise, you may have a “pouch” of excess tissue. The solution is usually a procedure called a tummy tuck, which removes this difficult to eliminate excess tissue. The end result is a smoother, tighter abdomen that looks much more youthful, fit, and athletic—especially if you’ve been working out all this time.

Weight Procedures

Part of being a parent is putting the family first. This means you don’t always get time for exercise and you don’t always eat right. Sometimes excess fatty tissue will develop and, even when you do start eating better and exercising, that tissue stay with you. The solution is a liposuction procedure, which will eliminate the unwanted areas of fat. Liposuction is an incredibly popular procedure, and the end results look natural and contoured. In other words, your body will simply look naturally slimmer, not as though you had work done. For patients of liposuction, that’s a great benefit.

Combine These Procedures for Your Mommy Makeover

By combining these procedures, women are able to, in many ways, turn back the clock. They’re able to achieve something resembling the bodies they had before giving birth or before getting pregnant. The appeal of such a set of procedures is obvious: being a parent takes a toll, both emotionally and physically. Getting a more youthful body can help you feel more confident, more assured, and can improve your overall self-esteem. Many women, in fact, report an increase in the quality of life after such procedures are completed.

Mommy makeover procedures are a great way to reward any mother figure for all the work they’ve done over the years. Being a mom is far from easy. But getting a mommy makeover can make you feel like a kid again—like your whole life is ahead of you. Because it is.

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