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Summary: Knowing what motivates you to change your life can give you some good ways to take advantage of that movitations when it appears. Because it’s not always predictable. Sometimes it’s a big, unexpected event that will get the ball rolling. In other cases, it’s the little things that start to add up, helping you make a big push in one direction or another.

What Motivates You to Change Your Life?

For some people, it’s the big things. For other people, the little things start to add up. Changing your life in any way isn’t easy. But what motivates you to change your life, really? When do you finally get to the point where you make the decision to move in one direction or another, to start making changes?

Let’s take a look at some common events or mindsets that really motivate people to change their lives. It’s true, sometimes these motivations will lead to plastic or cosmetic surgery–but not always necessarily. Today, we’re a little more interested in general healthy living and lifestyle choices.

And, of course, those changes can be both good and bad. To get some perspective, let’s look at what motivates you to change your life when the time comes.

Significant Events

Perhaps the most obvious motivator for people changing their lives comes from a significant event. A significant event can make you look at your entire life in a new and different way. For example:

  • A heart attack or other health scare could motivate you to change your lifestyle
  • A divorce or breakup could motivate you to change what you look for in a prospective partner
  • The passing of a loved one could motivate you to re-evaluate your priorities in life.

Now, it might seem as though these significant events are largely negative, but they don’t have to be in order to motivate change. That is, you could get a promotion or a raise and that could motivate a change. Conversely, you might become a father or a mother, and that almost certainly motivates change.

The point is that sometimes it takes a significant event, either good or bad, to motivate change. This isn’t necessarily the best strategy if you desire that change, if only because these significant events are necessarily difficult to predict.

Mounting Incidents

The other way that motivation to change your life might come about is also pretty straight forward. Sometimes life just piles on. It’s not one significant event, necessarily, but a culmination of several smaller and less intense incidents.

Even the word “incident” might be giving a little too much importance to the instigation of this motivation change. Some examples:

  • Someone commenting on your weight for the umpteenth time might motivate you to change your diet (and find new people to hang around while you’re at it)
  • A friend encouraging you to be more outgoing over and over again might eventually do the trick and help you put yourself out there
  • The gentle nuding of a doctor might help motivate you to start eating better

Sometimes, the line between events and motivations are quite obscured, and it’s impossible to connect A to B to C. That’s because humans tend to be quite complicated. Whatever motivates you, it’s important to grab ahold of that motivation while you can.

Because one thing I’ve noticed is that motivation tends to come in waves. Take advantage of those waves of motivation to craft your life into the shape you want. Knowing what motivates you to change your life can help you get the most out of that sudden impulse to change things for the better.

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