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Summary: New Year’s Resolutions are an interesting thing: we always make them and we always break them. It’s a cycle we know is going to happen, going to repeat itself. But we still make those goals. And those goals almost always have something to do with losing weight. This year, it might be worth trying a new strategy: rather than trying to beat your New Year’s Resolution, try liposuction for a New Year’s Resolution hack.

Most New Year’s Resolutions don’t last through February. Life can get in the way. Sometimes, people simply lose motivation. There is, in fact, a lot that can happen. Luckily, there’s nothing wrong with using a New Year’s Resolution hack—in this case, that hack is called liposuction.

To some, getting liposuction in order to meet your New Year’s Resolution goals might feel like cheating. But it’s really not. It’s finding a way to succeed. In fact, using plastic surgery more broadly to meet your New Year’s Resolution goals isn’t somehow taking the easy way out—it’s committing to how you want to look.

The vast majority of New Year’s Resolutions are about weight: either losing weight or getting the weight you have to take a different shape. That shouldn’t be news to anyone. But there are multiple ways to achieve those goals. And you shouldn’t feel bad for using a “hack” to get the look you want!

Why Do We Focus on Weight?

According to recent studies performed by the Neilson group (they’re the same fine folks that compile television ratings), the top two most popular New Year’s Resolutions are to “Stay Fit and Healthy” and to “Lose weight.” In fact, combined just these two resolutions account for over two thirds of all New Year’s Resolutions.

Of course, that’s just one survey, but even accounting for a margin of error, there’s no doubting that fitness is an exceptionally common goal. Why is that? After all, there are plenty of ways that people can improve their lives. What makes fitness so important that it’s such a popular New Year’s Resolution?

There are likely a few reasons:

  • There’s no doubt that our society places an emphasis on the way one looks. This means that you might feel self conscious or uncomfortable in your own body if it doesn’t fit a certain type or shape. This statement is certainly not an endorsement of that notion, rather an articulation of the pressures we face on a daily basis. It can certainly feel good when we think we look good.
  • There’s also little doubt that we tend to think of being slim and being healthy. That’s a message that’s bolstered with almost every diet commercial you see or every time your doctor tells you to lose a few pounds. There’s certainly evidence to support this (though there’s also some research that makes the picture a bit murkier). In any case, there’s little doubt that exercise and healthy eating are both good for you.
  • Some people also want to exercise more—or get fit—because they want the energy boost that comes along with it. The more you exercise, the more energy you typically have. This effect has been observed time and again. Many people, especially in winter, are feeling quite lethargic (perhaps a bit of cabin fever sets in, too), so it’s no surprise that this becomes a benefit that people seek.

Whatever the motivating factor, I tend to think that these goals are popular as New Year’s Resolutions because they can be difficult to get going. What I mean is this: changing your diet or lifestyle takes a motivation, focus, and energy. That’s why it’s convenient to have a “start date” in order to overcome your inertia.

New Year’s Day is as good a start date as any.

Using a “Hack” to Salvage Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions fail for all kinds of reasons. In fact, according to research by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions. So you aren’t alone if you’re having trouble getting to the gym every day. That’s why using a “hack” and getting liposuction to achieve your results should not be a mark of shame.

In fact, when you think about it, achieving your results with liposuction starts to make a lot of sense. Let’s go down the list of reasons:

  • You get results: To a certain extent, you aren’t going to care how you got your results as long as you actually get your results. Getting the gym every day can be impossible. If you’re a stable weight already, liposuction can be a great way to contour your body in the way you want.
  • Results compliment what you’ve already achieved: Meeting your New Year’s Resolution goals isn’t always going to be an all or nothing thing. You might have a goal to get to the gym every day, but you never meet your other goal of losing 10 pounds. Liposuction can help you eliminate stubborn areas of fat that don’t cooperate with your fitness regimen.
  • Look Younger, Feel Younger: As a broader society, we tend to associate weight gain with the process of aging. In other words: when you appear more slender, you often look more youthful as well. Part of this has to do with your skin. When most people get liposuction around the belly, they also get a tummy tuck procedure designed to eliminate excess skin cause by weight loss. The flatter, firmer looking tummy tends to look more youthful. And when you look more youthful, you feel more youthful.

Is Liposuction Always a Good Fit?

Just because liposuction is a great New Years Resolution life-hack does not mean it’s necessarily the best choice for everyone. The best liposuction patients are those who have already achieved a stable weight. That doesn’t always have to be your ideal weight, but most surgeons don’t want you gaining or losing a significant amount of weight after your procedure.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re generally healthy enough for surgery. Losing weight and getting healthy takes a certain amount of resolve, but it also takes time. And you’ll need time for liposuction too—except you’ll need that time for recovery. You can count on a slightly more complicated daily life for a few weeks to a few months after surgery.

Liposuction might not be the right choice for you if you’re looking to lose weight for purely health-related reasons (such as lowering your cholesterol). But you should check with your surgeon if you’re uncertain!

In Case of Emergency, Break Fat

When you hit the gym or reach for a salad, you’re making a choice to life a healthier lifestyle. But you don’t really have any control over how those healthier choices manifest themselves. That is, you don’t get to decide where you drop the weight first.

One of the greatest benefits of liposuction is that you do get that type of control. If your arms are bugging you, you can sculpt your arms. If your belly a sore spot, you can sculpt your tummy. Well, you get the idea.

So if you want to know how liposuction can help you meet your New Year’s Resolution, it’s worth considering spending some time to consult with a plastic surgeon. No one is better qualified to tell you how this procedure can help you sculpt your body and successfully use liposuction for a New Year’s Resolution hack.

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