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Summary: Are considering having a breast augmentation but are unsure of where to begin? Or maybe you’re already scheduled for surgery but find that you’re more nervous about your breast implants than you thought. Don’t worry—this is a common feeling before a procedure, and you’re not alone.

While having any surgery is a big decision, with the right information and surgeon behind you, you shouldn’t have anything to be concerned about. Read on for five tips on how to prepare for breast implants and tame those nervous butterflies for good.

Take Your Time

Getting breast implants is a decision that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Breast augmentation is a decision that can take months, or even years of consideration. Before you even have a consultation with a surgeon, you should assess the reasons you want the surgery and what you hope to gain from it.

There are many good reasons to consider implants, but there are some not-so-good reasons too. For example, you shouldn’t let somebody else convince you to get breast implants if you aren’t completely sure that breast enlargement is what you want. In the end, it’s your body and you should be sure that you’re doing this for yourself, which is the only right reason.

Do Your Research

There are plenty of factors to think about when you’re considering a breast augmentation. You’ll want to have an idea of what size of implants you’d like, as well as doing research on the different types of implants available. Of course, your surgeon will help you by reviewing all of your options with you during your consultation, but having an idea of what you’d like before you begin the process can help keep you informed every step of the way.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Knowing the look you hope to see after your breast augmentation is a critical step in being happy with your results. You should try to keep your expectations reasonable throughout the surgery process. Different patients may have limitations on the types and sizes of breast implants they may receive based on their health and body type. Your surgeon will review these recommendations with you to help you understand what kinds of results you can expect from your procedure.

Schedule Several Consultations

While there may be many qualified surgeons out there who can perform your surgery, it can be smart to schedule multiple consultations at different practices to get a feel for which surgeon may work best with you. Plastic surgeons will vary in the amount of experience they have performing breast augmentation, as well as having different pre- and post-operation procedures in their offices. Having several different consultations to compare against can help you decide which practice will best suit your needs.

Plan Ahead for Your Recovery

Depending on your surgeon’s skill and other factors, the amount of time you’ll need to recover can be widely varied. A typical breast augmentation will require a few days of rest afterward with a longer healing period of several weeks before you see your final results. During this time, you will likely experience some swelling and soreness.

Though you should be able to return to your regular activities several days after surgery, your comfort level can often be a limiting factor in how quickly you’re back on your feet. Regardless of how long the recovery will take, you’ll want to ensure that you allow yourself plenty time to rest to give your body the best possible conditions for a beautiful breast augmentation.

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