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Introducing the Mommy Makeover BBL Combo

Mommy Makeovers and Brazilian Butt Lifts are two of the hottest plastic surgery procedures on the planet. So it’s no wonder that they’re suddenly being combined into the “mommy makeover BBL.” Traditional mommy makeover procedures tend to focus on three procedures: a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction.

These procedures are commonly listed because they tend to address the most common areas of the body that are changed by being a mom. However, mommy makeovers are actually quite customizable. Patients can determine which procedures will best fit in with their desired final results.

Adding a Brazilian Butt Lift into the mommy makeover mix might not be an immediately obvious choice. After all, the buttocks are rarely stressed directly by childbirth or motherhood. But mommy makeovers aren’t exclusively about correcting the stresses of parenting—sometimes they’re more about achieving your ideal body.

When you think about it that way, Brazilian Butt Lift fits in perfectly.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift and How Does it Fit In?

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Over the years, we’ve written pretty extensively about the popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift. That popularity is fueled by two things. First, big, round butts are officially “in.” Second, the procedure offers patients a kind of two-for-one bonus: get rid of fat where you don’t want it and add volume where you do want it.

With one procedure, surgeons are able to contour two different areas of the body. Of course, that “one” procedure is actually two completely different steps. During a typical Brazilian Butt Lift, those steps include:

  • Liposuction: To get rid of the fat in the first place, surgeons rely on a procedure called liposuction. Now, liposuction is incredibly popular, so it’s likely you already have an inkling of what it does. A surgeon makes a small incision into the target area, and then uses a cannula (a really tiny tube) to suck out fat. There are any number of ways to assist in suction (from sound waves to thermal energy), but the point is that the fat is removed and the target area is contoured to the rest of your body. This means your results will look natural once all the swelling recedes. During a traditional liposuction, this fat would usually be disposed of. But not during a Brazilian Butt Lift.
  • Injections: When we typically think of “injectables” it’s in the context of something like Botox or a dermal filler—a few quick injections and you’re good to go. That’s not the case with a Brazilian Butt Lift. In fact, Brazilian Butt Lifts generally take quite a few injections—sometimes over 100. It takes so many injections because surgeons want to ensure that the fat is distributed evenly and that the end results look quite natural. For most patients, there is only minimal discomfort after this procedure, but you will need to be careful during your recovery to protect your results (for example, by sleeping on your stomach).

Because liposuction is already part of the traditional mommy makeover menu of options, it’s not much of a leap for surgeons to also include a Brazilian Butt Lift.

How Does Motherhood Effect the Rear End?

Mommy makeovers are designed to address the signs of aging that are often particularly linked to, well, motherhood. These signs of aging do have a habit of showing up in the buttocks as well, where excess skin and sagging muscle can create the appearance of a rear end that looks flat, a significant source of discomfort for many patients.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is designed to make the buttocks look larger and rounder, in proportion to the rest of the body. This has the effect of making the buttocks look much younger and fitter. For many patients, this is a key component of achieving a body that, overall, fits in with their pre-maternal ideals.

The Changing Face of Mommy Makeover

That Brazilian Butt Lift has been added to the pantheon of mommy makeovers is certainly newsworthy. But it’s not the first—and it won’t be the last—procedure to be added to the pallet of options. In fact, just what falls under the umbrella of “mommy makeover” continues to expand.

Even facelift procedures are being included in many mommy makeover definitions. That makes sense. There are few places on the body that show stress quite as markedly as the face. Lines and wrinkles can make patients feel just as self-conscious as a bust line that requires an extra lift. Sometimes patients opt for a little Botox, other times patients look at a more serious (and surgical) lift procedure.

Now that Brazilian Butt Lifts have been added to the mix, there’s really not a whole lot that isn’t “covered” by a mommy makeover.

Coping with the Stress of Motherhood

In some ways, this flexibility and interchangeability is nothing new. A “mommy makeover” has always been more of a guideline than a rule. The procedure has always been designed to mitigate the stress on the body that’s associated with motherhood. Or, said another way, it’s designed to help women reclaim their pre-baby bodies.

Because motherhood will take its toll in unique and individualized way, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that “mommy makeover” has become a much wider and more diverse collection of procedures than simply liposuction, breast lift, and tummy tuck. That diversity of procedures continues to expand in order to meet the needs of patients.

The mommy makeover BBL combination is certainly somewhat novel (and maybe even a little risqué for some patients), but in many ways it’s simply a continuation of the trajectory mommy makeover has been on all along. The best way to find out what parts of a mommy makeover procedure are going to be a good fit for your body (and the way you want your body to eventually look) is to consult with a highly qualified plastic surgeon.

Be honest about what where you’ve been and where you want to go with your surgeon. One of the best ways to ensure your ultimate satisfaction is to discuss what realistic expectations might look like. In any case, every mommy makeover procedure begins with that kind of conversation. So if you want to find out how a mommy makeover (with or without a BBL) can help you get your pre-mom body back, contact a specialist and start a conversation.

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