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Summary: When many women consider breast augmentation, they’re aware that the prevailing wisdom seems to be in favor of the biggest implants your body can support. But celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, whose recent maybe-maybe-not plastic surgery shows the value in subtlety. Maybe she underwent a breast augmentation and maybe she didn’t. Either way, we’re talking about how good she looks. That aura of mystique is only one of the advantages of selecting a smaller sized—but still larger than your current—implants. Of course, in the end, there’s a right size for everyone—but that right size is always different.

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Red Carpet Stunner

In June of 2014, A-list actress Nicole Kidman made her way to the red carpet in a stunning dress—stunning not simply for the tailoring but for what that dress revealed: cleavage. Having generally possessed a more svelte figure during her career, the cleavage looked brand new, and not necessarily of natural construction. The reviews of Kidman’s new breasts were generally favorable, though some plastic surgeons noticed that they were perhaps still in the process of healing, with increased swelling in certain areas.

Hollywood Mystique

However, Kidman was particularly wise in a couple of respects. First, she hasn’t confirmed that she’s had plastic surgery performed—which is her right. That there’s doubt over whether the procedure happened at all is a testament to Kidman’s choices in pursuing the operation. While many women opt for a noticeable upscale in size, Kidman chose a more subtle path, selecting implants that complimented her body style and size rather than overwhelming them.

While larger than life breast implants remain a popular choice—especially for those of younger years—there remains something to be said for the mystique of subtle transformations that leave people guessing.

Smaller Implants

There are definite advantages to smaller implants when it comes to your breast augmentation. First of all, they look more natural—that is, people who had never seen you before would just assume those are your natural breasts and that nature took kindly to you. In fact, some people may also assume that you’re achieving the effect using a push-up bra or other undergarment. No one would ever have to know that you’ve had a breast augmentation performed.

There’s also something to be said for the invasiveness of the procedure itself. Often, small implants lend themselves to different insertion techniques, many of which (such as insertion through a small incision in the arm pit) leave only small scars and are minimally invasive. Indeed, some of these procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, eliminating the necessity of a hospital stay. This means you’ll recover more quickly and enjoy your new assets even sooner.

Up to the Individual

Of course, every breast augmentation procedure is different. Some women think that the best way to get their money’s worth is to achieve a noticeable bump in size—to make sure everyone knows they’ve had a breast augmentation procedure done. And for these women, a bigger implant would almost certainly be necessary. A lot depends on how much of an impression you want your breasts to make.


According to the website of New Jersey breast augmentation experts, a lot also depends on your overall size and frame. One of the most important factors to pay attention to is shoulder width, as this measurement will dictate the size of implants which will look natural or unnatural. Implants that exceed the volume that looks natural within your shoulder width will, of course, look unnatural and, therefore, will simply look like breast implants. Again, it’s worth stressing that sometimes this is the desired effect.

Whatever the Size, Higher Quality of Life

Among all plastic surgery procedures, breast augmentation has consistently been among the highest in increased quality of life for patients who undergo the procedure. Patients report increases in all kinds of areas, from self-esteem and confidence to sex life and happiness. The important thing is that, whatever size you select for your implants, you should undergo a breast augmentation surgery only when you are doing it for yourself.

This is an important discussion to have with your plastic surgeon during your consultation. It’s only when your surgeon has a good grasp of why you’re undergoing the procedure that he or she will know how to best deliver the results you’re really looking for.

Nicole Shows the Way

Breast Augmentations have a reputation as delivering massive, oversized breasts. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, and Nicole Kidman rather gracefully illustrated that point. She showed that there’s an advantage to implants that are subtle improvements—that sometimes getting people talking about what if’s and maybe’s is more effective in garnering positive attention than getting people to talk about how big and how fake. That said, there’s a right size for everybody, and that right size isn’t always the same. Just ask Nicole Kidman.

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