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Summary: There’s been a rise, lately, of the discussion of non surgical nose job in the media. In a way that makes sense—the procedure is incredibly effective and has a good reputation. But it’s not necessarily a novel procedure anymore. What’s causing this rise in discussion of the non surgical nose job in the media? Let’s take a few minutes and find out!

A Look at Non Surgical Nose Job in the Media

If you’ve been keeping up with cosmetic surgery, you’ve already heard about the non surgical nose job. It’s a relatively novel procedure, but it’s definitely not new anymore. That’s why I’m kind of fascinated by the rise of Non Surgical Nose Job in the media.

Because it seems like we’re seeing the non surgical nose job in the media more and more lately. The procedure has reached a kind of saturation point where everyone’s talking about it and it’s actually fairly widely known. In other words, the non surgical nose job has broken through into the popular culture.

That’s a good thing for people who might benefit from the procedure. And it’s certainly giving cosmetic surgeons a lot of time to discuss the benefits of the non surgical nose job in the media.

Beyond an Introduction

The non surgical nose job burst onto the scene just before 2010. And it garnered a significant amount of media attention because it was truly one of the first non surgical alternatives to traditional procedures. The notion that you could change the way your nose looks—in as little as fifteen minutes—was truly revolutionary.

And in that sense, the non surgical rhinoplasty procedure inspired a series of non surgical alternatives. Some of those alternatives use dermal fillers, but not all of them. As the marketplace became saturated with these non surgical procedures, the hubbub about non surgical rhinoplasty began to simmer.

That is, until recently. And I think I have a theory as to why. People are no longer asking “what is the non surgical nose job.” They’re asking: does the non surgical nose job work? And it’s a good question, so most of the media coverage around this procedure is focused on answering just that.

What is the Verdict of the Media Coverage?

They say there’s no such thing as bad press, but I’m not entirely convinced that’s actually true. Bad press can be potent and it can derail the popularity of a given procedure (especially if there are viable alternatives available). That hasn’t been the case with the non surgical nose job, in large part because the procedure tends to work as advertised.

Much of the media’s answers around the does it work question sound kind of like this: it works how it’s advertised, but not always how you wish it would work. In other words, it’s important to keep realistic expectations in mind.

Where Are We Seeing the Non Surgical Nose Job?

It’s not unusual for the non surgical nose job to make a media appearance on popular medical shows, such as The Doctors. That show has been around for ages and it still gets plenty of viewership! But the non surgical nose job is popping up in some new places as well:

  • Harper’s Bazaar just ran a video essay story on whether the non surgical nose job actually works for women. This video essay featured an appearance by the creator of the non surgical nose job, Dr. Alexander Rivkin.
  • YouTube: There are an enormous number of video bloggers on YouTube—people who tell their stories through the use of personal video. Some of the vloggers have undergone the non surgical nose job, and they create videos about their experiences.
  • The news: Local news media is always on the lookout for a good story. So it’s no surprise that many of these local entities have been taking another look at this procedure (especially when celebrities or anchors tend to be the patient).

Another Round of Popularity?

To some degree, this renewed popularity of the non surgical nose job is not necessarily indicative of another round of popularity. It’s true—this type of press never hurts. But the non surgical nose job never really stopped being popular. It’s not as though the procedure is making a comeback because it never really went away.

That said, the non surgical nose job is, perhaps, broadening its appeal. There are plenty of people out there who had never considered getting cosmetic surgery who might be enticed by this procedure. It provides a non invasive option to those who would never think about surgery—but who want to change the nose.

If you want to know more about non surgical nose job procedures, the best place to find more information (other than the media, of course) is from a highly trusted cosmetic surgeon. Find one in your area and get your answers there. It’s great that non surgical nose job in the media is on the rise—but it’s no substitute for information right from your surgeon!

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