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Summary: We often get questions about what basic procedures are and what they can do. One of the most recent questions we got was about the non surgical nose job and how exactly this procedure works. That question makes sense, because any non surgical procedure might seem like “magic” if you don’t know how it works.

What is the Non Surgical Nose Job and How Does it Work?

There are many new and popular procedures out there these days. That shouldn’t be shocking. Innovation is one of those things that cosmetic surgery is quite well known for. But what is a non surgical nose job? How can a non surgical nose job even exist? And how does it compare to a surgical nose job?

Well, a non surgical nose job is a procedure designed to change the aesthetic looks of the nose, as an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty procedures. That sounds good, doesn’t it? You get a new nose and you don’t have to go through surgery.

But there are some questions about what a non surgical nose job can do, exactly, especially when compared to its more surgical counterpart.

What is a Non Surgical Nose Job, Really?

When people really want to know what a non surgical nose job is, I think what they really want to know is how the procedure works. It’s pretty simple. A couple of decades ago, cosmetic surgeons developed a group of injectables known as “dermal fillers.”

Essentially, when your face loses volume, you get wrinkles. Replacing the volume eliminates the wrinkles. That’s worked pretty well for a while now. Surgeons also discovered that if they injected the filler into the nose, they could use that to give the nose some shape.

And that’s basically how it works:

  • You’ll discuss what you want with your cosmetic surgeon
  • The surgeon will inject your nose with dermal filler
  • The surgeon will “shape” or “mold” that filler if necessary
  • It will take 24 hours or so for the filler to “set,” but you should see your results right away.

And that’s basically all there is to it.

How Does Surgical Compare to Non Surgical?

The next question that most people ask is also pretty easy to see coming: how does a surgical rhinoplasty compare to the non surgical nose job? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Your answers to these questions will probably depend on what you’re looking for. But let’s break it down a bit:

Advantages of Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

There are quite a few advantages to non surgical rhinoplasty:

  • You get to see your results right away (with surgical rhinoplasty, you might have to wait months)
  • Results tend to be temporary (this is useful for patients who want to take their new nose for a “test drive”)
  • Non surgical nose job procedures can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes
  • There is no long recovery period associated with non surgical nose jobs
  • Patients are able to return to their daily life right away after the procedure

Of course, there are some disadvantages, too. The most prominent is that a non surgical nose job cannot change the basic functioning of the nose, nor can it remove any volume from the nose.

Advantages of Surgical Rhinoplasty

There are also some advantages to surgical rhinoplasty:

  • Surgical rhinoplasty offers patients a wider range of possible outcomes
  • Surgical rhinoplasty can completely change the shape of the nose
  • Results from surgical rhinoplasty are permanent
  • Surgical rhinoplasty can alter the interior of the nose and change the way the nose functions

If you’re looking for more internal changes to the nose, then a surgical rhinoplasty is likely to be the direction you choose, as a non surgical nose job cannot accomplish those goals.

Finding Out What’s Best For You

A non surgical nose job is still relatively innovative, but it’s also quickly becoming a big part of the cosmetic surgery stable of procedures. In other words, you’ll be hearing a lot more about the non surgical nose job in the years to come. You can wonder, what is a non surgical nose job, but it’s not going anywhere.

And hopefully we’ve sufficiently answered that question. A non surgical nose job is a way to alter the nose using a series of injections of dermal fillers. It’s not really in direct competition with what a surgical rhinoplasty can do. Rather, non surgical nose job is an alternative.

It’s a way for patients to get results without having to undergo a serious plastic surgery procedure. And many patients want that flexibility, that accessability. They want to be able to get a nose job without having to go under the knife.

Non surgical nose job, if nothing else, provides that option for patients who are looking for it. And I think for that reason, you’re going to be seeing many more procedures like it.

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