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Summary: Breast augmentation with implants is the best way to increase the size of your bust line and give you a sexy new shape. However, sometimes this procedure will need to be corrected in order to give you the exact look you desire. Don’t give up, secondary surgeries can help!

Second Time’s A Charm

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries out there, and there is no question as to why. Women (and men!) love big breasts, but unfortunately we are not all blessed in this area. If you have already undergone a primary surgery to boost your bust but were unfortunately unhappy with your results, doctors want to urge you not to give up. Secondary surgery or “breast revision” surgery can help give you the look you desired the first time around (for good this time!)

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Why You Should Revise Your Bad Primary Procedure

There are a number of reasons women seek revision surgery. If you have experienced any of the situations below, now may be the time to consult a cosmetic surgeon:

  • Issues with Size: Oftentimes women underestimate how big they want to go. Breast implants look one way outside the body, but quite another when placed in the chest cavity. If you wish that you had gone bigger, a revision surgery may be your best bet in increasing your bust to the size you now desire.
  • Look and Feel: Board certified cosmetic surgeons strive to be experts in their field, but not every surgery has perfect results. If the look and feel of your breasts turned out to be less natural than you desired, removing your original implant and replacing it with another type may help give you a more “passable” chest.
  • Botched Primary Procedure: If you underwent a breast augmentation procedure in a foreign country, or in less than ideal conditions, or by a doctor who was not board certified, chances are you are unhappy with your results. Visiting a specialist who is trained and certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery can help you correct the negative effects of your bad primary procedure.

No matter what the reason for your revision, it is important that you are open and honest about all aspects of your first procedure. Cosmetic surgeons like Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Bosbous can work wonders, but the most successful surgeries are those that are treated as collaboration between doctor and patient.

Don’t Give Up on Your Breasts

Oftentimes a secondary procedure feels like a daunting task. A second time under the knife, and a second time under general anesthesia can scare women away from revision, but these things shouldn’t stop you. If you are unhappy with your original breast augmentation you should do everything in your power to get the look that you actually deserve. Discuss your concerns with your doctor and let him know the details of your first go at things. Chances are your revision won’t be as bad as you think, and the results of correcting a bad set of breast implants can be (positively!) life changing.

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