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Summary: When it comes to getting bikini ready, there are many trains of thought on the best way to proceed. But it’s important to keep in mind that summer is definitely right around the corner. The days of spring are waning. That means if you haven’t already started planning your strategy, you might have to get bikini ready in a hurry. Don’t worry, there are definitely ways to do that.

Get Some Laser Treatments in the Summer

Believe or not, summer is upon us. That means that soon the sun will be high in the sky late into the night and you’ll be ready to hit the beach on Saturday (or during the week, depending on how often you play hooky). But the beach brings with it certain pressure: looking good in a bikini, for example.

Unfortunately, this close to summer, it’s probably too late to count on liposuction or a tummy tuck as a way to get bikini ready this year (if you really want one, you should still get one—you just might have to wait until next summer to show off your new look).

That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you feel like you need a little nip and tuck before you get into that bikini. Of course, there won’t be any actual surgery, because we’re talking about laser procedures. If you want to get ready for summer in a hurry, laser procedures are a great way to smooth our skin, get rid of a little excess tissue, and even out your skin tone in a hurry. When usually a liposuction or tummy tuck might need weeks of recovery, most people can usually be back to normal activities after laser procedures in a matter of days.

Laser Procedures for Smoother Skin

There are some laser procedures that focus exclusively on giving you smoother skin. These procedures are designed to eliminate lines and wrinkles. To be sure, laser systems that do this will be less effective than surgery—but the results will appear more quickly and the recovery will be a bit speedier as well.

Laser procedures can smooth skin in several ways. The first is to target the lines and wrinkles themselves. Often, mild to moderate lines and wrinkles appear first on the very outermost layers of skin (think of it like surface damage). Laser can repair some of this surface damage by removing that outermost layer of the skin. If the line or wrinkle was on the layer removed, then the skin will appear smoother.

But that’s not the only way that lasers can smooth out the skin. They can also tighten the skin (a process that then makes the skin appear smoother). In New York Fraxel is an especially popular way to tighten skin because of the presence of many cutting edge and innovative laser specialists; that said, these procedures are widely available across the country.

Lasers for Fat Removal?

You might not have time for liposuction, but you can certainly use one of these procedures to help eliminate fat. Technically, these are not laser procedures. These are directed energy procedures; the difference is that lasers are usually used to treat the skin. These directed energy treatments use different methods.

  • Liposonix: this procedure uses intense sound waves (ultrasound waves, in fact) to destroy fat cells. There is absolutely no harm to the skin, so patients are free to resume normal activities almost immediately. Over time, the fat cells that were destroyed are absorbed back into the body and the body then ends up looking slimmer.
  • CoolSculpting: Perhaps the most famous non surgical fat mitigation technique to date, Coolsculpting uses concentrated cold to break down fat cells. This can be accomplished because the skin can take quite a bit more cold than your fat can. So exposing your fat cells to cold will break them down but will cause no damage to your skin. It can take a few weeks for the effects of Coolsculpting to become apparent, but it’s a process that’s shorter and more comfortable than recovery from liposuction (even if the results will be a bit less bold).

Look Great in Time for Summer

The important thing to remember is that just because summer snuck up on you this year doesn’t mean you have to feel self-conscious at the beach. There are plenty of ways to get your body into the shape you want before you have to put that bikini or bathing suit on. And, of course, there’s no need to impress anyone else if you feel great in your bikini. If you love the shape you’re in, then you can hit the beach as is!

But if you feel like you need a bit of work before flaunting your stuff, consider these laser procedures as a way to get some subtle results without all the fuss of surgery. To be sure—surgery will get you bolder results. Laser procedures will get you faster results. It’s up to you which is ultimately more important.

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