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Everyone loves a little bit of window shopping now and then. It’s fun to browse your available options and imagine what they might look like on you. When it comes to accessories and clothing, sometimes it’s enough to get a glance, but more often than not, it usually is not. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the wide selection of before and after photos advertised on plastic surgery websites are not necessarily a catalogue of what to expect. Your own preferences and goals are going to factor into your results. Here are some details to focus on while you browse the web considering your options.

Breast Augmentation Preferences

Breast augmentation has come a long way over the years. Nowadays, you’re presented with a wide variety of implant types, placement options, incision sites, surgical methods and even breakthrough technology in 3D imaging techniques for breast augmentation. You should have an idea of your preferences in terms of saline versus silicone, as well as specific varieties of each as you browse. It’s also useful to consider procedural preferences, as they will affect your recovery and results. Finally, it’s important to think of your own frame while reviewing pictures. What looks good on one body type may not necessarily look good on yours. With these considerations in mind, you can proceed with a keen eye for results and start to make your decision as to which practice and procedure best fits your expectations and means.

Breast Lift Scar Location

Breast lifts are a popular plastic surgery procedure both because of their ability to complement and enhance augmentation and revision, as well as their capacity to treat sagging and excess skin in a variety of cases, such as after weight loss, pregnancy or aging. Reviewing before and after shots will give you a good idea of what a breast lift can accomplish and the skill of a given surgeon. Some of the important details to focus on are scar visibility and location. Depending on the procedural practices of a given surgeon, scarring and scar location can vary substantially.

Tummy Tuck Scar Visibility

The tummy tuck is another popular procedure for treating a variety of cosmetic concerns. Excess skin around the tummy from pregnancy and weight loss can be alleviated by this option. It’s a popular candidate for inclusion in a mommy makeover, and it’s even possible to use a tummy tuck for treatment of abdominal separation or diastasis recti. When reviewing before and after shots, again, look for the surgical scar, with particular attention to its placement, visibility and appearance. The scar should be even, not jagged, and ideally placed in such a way that it’s easy to conceal. With that in mind, the overall results of a particular surgeon, and thus, his or her their aesthetic approach, can be illustrated fairly accurately with before and after photos.

Closing Thoughts

With these tips in mind, remember not to get too hung up on a single picture or result. Before and after shots are not catalogues of guaranteed outcomes. Your results will vary based on your procedure, body type, expectations and other considerations. The goal of reviewing before and after shots is to get a general idea of a surgeon’s overall skill and his or her ability to produce consistent results. Always make sure that the surgeon you choose has a proven track record of producing the kind of results that you’re looking for in your plastic surgery goals.

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