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Summary: Plastic surgery and the fashion industry have a long history of complementing one another. But how exactly this relationship has evolved as plastic surgery has moved from an elite endeavor to something almost everyone can access has been interesting. The uses of plastic surgery have changed, as have the people that use it.
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What’s in Fashion

It seems the fashion industry has been in cahoots with cosmetic surgery. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Models, actresses, and celebrities have all been taking a liking to plastic surgery since it was introduced. But what’s interesting now is that plastic surgery is becoming a part of the show—not complementing the threads of the latest designer, but rather the center of the show itself. For better or worse, this all started with celebrity plastic surgeon Ramtin Kassir’s Faces of Beauty show at Fashion Week in 2013.

Not a Successful Show?

From reports in Time, Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan and others, it seems that the overall reception to the Faces of Beauty show was pretty standoffish. Those in the fashion industry seemed to make a clear distinction between fashion and cosmetic or plastic surgery that Kassir did not. Or at least, it’s a distinction Kassir didn’t seem interested in. Rather, he seemed to be making the point (or trying to) that many “normal” people have plastic surgery, that it’s not the exclusive domain of Hollywood celebrities.

Of course, it seems ironic that Kassir should choose a highly elaborate production, such as Fashion Week, to make that point.

Wide Acceptance

Kassir is both right and wrong. Plastic surgery is a great thing for everyday people. But it tends to be far more permanent than fashion, for better or worse.

It should also be noted that the plastic surgery demands of the fashion world are drastically different than those of every day individuals. For example, the prototypical fashion model is excessively thin, almost to the point of being boyish. So you won’t see fashion models adopting procedures such as breast augmentation or butt implants en masse. What you will see, however, is a lot of rhinoplasty.

This is directly contrary to broader trends in the plastic surgery world. For example, Minnesota-based Minneapolis Plastic Surgery notes that breast augmentation in the Twin Cities is among their most popular procedures. This contradiction exists because fashion models are meant to represent a kind of cultural ideal, distorted and (possibly) disturbing though it may be. But with everyday plastic surgery patients, it’s about becoming the ideal you: it’s individualized. And so you should seek individual results.
For results that are about you, and not about what’s in fashion, contact your plastic surgeon today.

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