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Summary: Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have always been popular in Hollywood—and from Hollywood, they found more popularity in working professionals. Now, new research suggests that teachers are going in for cosmetic procedures in higher numbers than ever before. It’s not surprising, when you stop to think about it, as teachers are in a profession where eyeballs are looking at them every second of every day. The chance to alleviate some of that pressure is one that’s hard to pass up—and the procedures involved usually also entail an extra little shot of confidence along the way.

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Judge Not Always

Whenever you’re in front of people, it’s easy to feel judged. And where ever that judgment is especially harsh—or constant—plastic surgery begins to look like a very tempting option, if only as a way to improve your own self image and self esteem so as to better stand up to scrutiny. This is why it’s not unsurprising when Hollywood actors and actresses go in for a little nip and tuck. What is surprising, however, is when this tendency seeps into other professions—sometimes professions that we aren’t really expecting to be susceptible to these pressures.

Who Gets an A?

That’s why it’s somewhat surprising that CBS New York recently reported that teachers have recently been seeking out cosmetic surgery in higher numbers. There are a couple of reasons for this, ABC theorized, among them the long summer vacation providing an excellent window during which to cope with recovery. But the bigger reason is, perhaps, the constant pressure under which teachers are subjected.

Exposure to New Things

Having been a teacher, I can speak about this somewhat personally. When you’re standing in front of a classroom, you are always on, always exposed. Even when you go sit behind your desk, there’s no getting away from the fact that all eyes are on you. It might not be constant from any one individual student, but from students as a whole, it’s difficult to escape. So if there’s something about your anatomy that is particularly troublesome to you, any feelings of self-consciousness are likely to be amplified.

The Age Factor

The procedures that teachers go in for, as with the rest of the population, depend largely upon age. Older teachers are looking into facelifts and eyelid lifts. Younger teachers tend to gravitate towards procedures such as rhinoplasty.

And then there’s the popularity of nonsurgical procedures. While they don’t tend to last as long as surgical procedures, they are especially popular with younger patients who don’t necessarily want to commit to the pain and recovery of surgical procedures. Nonsurgical procedures the world over, such as nonsurgical rhinoplasty in Los Angeles CA, allow patients to achieve dramatic results with nothing more than a few injections of dermal fillers.

For All Professionals

It’s an appealing option, especially for a quick fix in the middle of the school year. And, perhaps even more so, in the middle of the work week. Teachers aren’t the only ones who feel pressure to stay younger. According to USA Today, employees in a recent survey reported that they got along better with younger-looking managers. So it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that companies are likely to higher younger-looking applicants for high-end jobs that require a good deal of experience.

In fact, the job interview is already such a stressful time. Many patients coming in for quick, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are in a similar situation—short on time, but requiring excellent results (and certainly with no time for recovery). The nonsurgical cosmetic procedures available today provide an excellent way of achieving those results quickly and giving you an extra shot of confidence.

A Shot of Confidence

In the end, that’s what teachers are looking for too. Keeping control of a classroom often comes down to matters of confidence. You can’t let the long nights and the early mornings show—you can’t let the worry and fatigue and frustration creep into your otherwise sunny voice. One way to keep ahead of the curve, to stay ahead of the class as it were, is to indulge in cosmetic procedures that leave you feeling younger, more energetic—and looking more like you did back in your college days, when you really could take on the world.

If there’s anyone who could use a little rejuvenation, it’s likely our teachers. It’s not surprising that, as nonsurgical cosmetic procedures get more affordable, more teachers are going in for it—and, of course, more teachers are reaping the rewards. We’d move them to the head of the class.

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