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Summary: Fashion Week 2013 included more than just trends in what to wear this year, it featured before and after shots of a variety of people who have gone under the knife for beauty.

Faces of Beauty

New York’s Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Everyone who cares about what they wear keeps a very close eye on the shows to see what the up and coming trends will be. For the first time ever, 2013 featured a slightly different kind of fashion show when cosmetic surgeon Ramtin Kassir used models that have undergone plastic surgery and featured before and after pictures of their transformation. While the concept itself has been topic of much debate, Ramtin Kassir seems to have made the statement that plastic surgery is just as much as part of fashion today as the clothes on our backs!

fashion week dr. kassir

Defending the Doctor

The fashion show, titled “Faces of Beauty,” aimed to not only focus on the cut of the clothes, but the cut of the scalpel. Doctor Ramtin Kassir turned 50 of his former patients into runway models, which actually fit in with an overall theme of fashion week this year (which is that everybody, every size and shape can be a part of fashion.) While some designers put plus sized models in their shows as a way to prove their designs are for “everyone,” Ramtin Kassir wanted to blow the lid off the stereotype that gorgeous plastic surgery transformations are only for models and celebrities.  The doctor said: “We are saying, ‘This is the New York look. It’s not the Hollywood look. It’s not overdone.”

Model Behavior

The doctor was also quoted as saying: “There are a lot of trends out there. One is the clothes you wear. Another is the face and body you wear,” and honestly, we couldn’t agree more. People go to great lengths look good when it comes to experimenting with fashion, what is the difference between that and experimenting with cosmetic surgery? Dr. Kassir wanted to highlight the idea that cosmetic alterations are just as critical to your overall look as the alterations you have done to your clothes. While it’s a controversial topic, one could argue that bringing real life clients to the stages at New York Fashion Week was a bold move that should be championed.

Best Fashion and Best Face Forward

One argument against Kassir’s controversial fashion show, which featured both men and women who have undergone a number of different cosmetic procedures, is the idea that “fashion should be about expressing yourself and not needing to fit into a certain image or a certain size.” While one could argue that this is true about our choice of clothing, cosmetic surgery isn’t about “needing” to fit into a certain mold, it’s about wanting to change your outward appearance to reflect your inner self… something that we think screams “fashion.” No matter what you think of Dr. Kassir’s new concept when it comes to runway shows, one thing is very clear: New York Fashion Week will never be the same again.

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