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plastic surgery and where you live

Summary: Is there a relationship between plastic surgery and where you live? If you live near the ocean, for example, are you more likely to want a tummy tuck? Maybe. But “more likely” shouldn’t be seen as being prescriptive. That is, you shouldn’t take what is “more likely” as advice. At least, that doesn’t seem to be the reality. Instead, patients seem more interested in what will work for them personally; it’s just that some local factors may influence what exactly it is that works.

Plastic Surgery and Where You Live

There are a lot of reports out, lately, about the connection between plastic surgery and where you live. According to these reports the state in which you live is going to have a pretty big impact on what procedure you’re likely to undergo. Maybe breast augmentation in Minnesota is quite popular while Brazilian Butt Lift is more popular in Florida.

Ultimately, many of those “most popular procedure by state” lists are pretty flawed, especially if they’re taking data directly from Google searches. It’s not that Google’s data is wrong, necessarily, it’s just that searches don’t necessarily equate to actual procedures performed.

That said, there are some ways in which where you live might have some impact on which plastic surgery procedures tend to be most popular and most successful. So today, we’re going to take a look at how that might happen–how plastic surgery procedures might vary from place to place, state to state, or even country to country. Plastic surgery and where you live might have more in common than you might expect.

Does Plastic Surgery Vary From State to State?

There’s always going to be some natural variability when it comes to plastic surgery procedures. To some degree, that’s why they vary a little state by state. People are going to have slightly different tastes in Miami than they do in New York. Although, the internet and popular culture will often diminish that effect.

But there are some other factors–besides taste–that might play a role in why the most popular procedures vary from state to state:

  • Weather and Climate: In places where it’s very hot year round, you might see more tummy tuck or liposuction procedures. On the other hand, in places where it’s very cold year round, you might see more facial plastic surgery procedures. That’s because plastic surgery patients tend to focus on those areas that tend to be the most visible the most often.
  • Available surgeons: Sometimes it’s not the weather that matters the most; sometimes it’s all about who’s available. For most patients, a highly qualified and board certified plastic surgeon will be able to deliver what you need. But some surgeons do specialize and innovate. That means that if one surgeon develops a really novel approach to rhinoplasty, nose job procedures could see a local bump (as well as more competition, leading to even more nose jobs).
  • Local entertainment: If you live on the ocean and everybody goes to the beach every day, you might see an increase in the number of tummy tuck and other body contouring procedures performed. Clearly, that’s because people feel a little more self conscious about areas exposed by bathing suits when they go to the beach more often. That’s just one example of how entertainment options can sway plastic surgery decisions.

Does Plastic Surgery Vary From Nation to Nation?

If we accept that plastic surgery and where you live have a relationship, if we accept that plastic surgery varies from state to state, then it makes sense to assume that plastic surgery might be different in South Korea than it is in Brazil or the United States. After all, each area of the world is going to have its own climate, its own entertainment specialties, its own cultural characteristics.

Because these statistics are usually tracked at a national level, it’s not particularly difficult to find the most popular plastic surgery in Brazil (liposuction) or the United States (breast augmentation) or South Korea (eye surgery). And within that cultural context, each of these procedures has particular important or specific issues.

But there’s no doubt that there are variations in plastic surgery from nation to nation–both in terms of overall absolute popularity and in terms of which procedures tend to be favored.

It’s Still Up To the Individual

To a certain extent, knowing the most popular plastic surgery procedure in your city or state (or even in your country) is little more than a bit of trivia, especially when it comes to getting the actual procedure that you want. For all the talk of trends, plastic surgery is still a very personal process.

Knowing the trends can be important. As a plastic surgeon, you should be familiar with the relationship between plastic surgery and where you live, if only to better prepare for what patients might want. But if you are indeed a patient, then the most important thing is to think about how you want your body to be transformed–to think about what you want.

Those trends around plastic surgery and where you live are never going to be as important as ensuring you get the procedure (and the results) you want.

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