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Summary: When people think of cosmetic surgery, often times they think of women on the coasts of the US, but in fact, the Midwest is becoming a very popular region for plastic and cosmetic surgery.


Midwest State of Mind

Women in the central US want their day in the sun when it comes to plastic surgery! Exciting surgeries like breast augmentation and especially non-surgical procedures (like injectable fillers) are growing and growing in the Midwest. For decades, when people thought of cosmetic surgery they would associate the concept with the coasts. New York, and especially California are seen as the “mecca” of all things cosmetic, but in reality the Midwest market is really starting to pick up. Change is coming due to skilled plastic surgeons having practices in smaller areas…. so its important to know that if you don’t live somewhere “cosmopolitan,” you still have access to some amazing cosmetic care.

Milwaukee Cosmetic Surgery

Midwest women care about many of the same issues that women in more urban areas do. When it comes to our looks, we all want to feel the best we can and have an appearance to match. Milwaukee cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Bosbous understands this, because every years he treats 100’s of Wisconsin patients who have a lot of the same concerns. Dr. Bosbous is quick to point out that Milwaukee is a great place for plastic and cosmetic surgery, and that these smaller Midwest practices shouldn’t be overlooked. Many times the doctors are specialized in unique procedures or their costs are lower than some of the more competitive practices on the coasts. Main message is: when it comes to cosmetic surgery, don’t rule out the middle of the country!

Pro’s of Midwest Plastic Surgery

There are many benefits to undergoing cosmetic and plastic surgery in the Midwest. First and foremost, the environment is very accepting. If you are nervous about undergoing a big change, the “Midwest nice” aspect definitely comes into play… people are supportive and the surgeons in the Midwest are pro-active when it comes to making their patients feel “at home.” Milwaukee Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Bosbous consults with his patients one-on-one before all cosmetic procedures. This face time is not always available at larger, more high volume practices. More benefits of plastic surgery in the Midwest include:

  • A smaller area practice is typically more confidential. Because there is lighter “traffic” through the clinics, typically you are more likely to “fly under the radar” if that is an important aspect of your journey.
  • The Midwest is very kind and open, and nearly everyone is willing to help and answer questions. The support staff at Milwaukee Plastic Surgery, for example, is some of the most caring and accommodating of their kind.
  • Smaller-town practices oftentimes feature surgeons that have trained in a very specific area of study, so if you are looking for not just a great general plastic surgeon, but one that specifically understands reconstructive surgery, you are likely to find it in the Midwest.

Research Your Options

There are a thousands of plastic surgery practices across the United States, but when it comes time to choose where you get your care, don’t just select the largest, most well-known surgeon in your area. Especially if you seek specialized services and procedures, you will very likely benefit from checking out the Midwest!


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