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Summary: With the Super Bowl coming, our worlds are going to get a lot bigger. Are your face and body ready?

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Super Bowl 2018

If you haven’t heard already (but be real, who hasn’t?) the 2018 Super Bowl is coming to Minnesota! This is exciting news for sports fans, but it could have some reconsidering their look. Minneapolis is expected to see a large influx of visitors in the coming years leading up to the big event, and millions around the time of the game. At home we can find comfort in not always thinking about our appearance, but with this many tourists coming, maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror!

It is NOT a Small World, After-all

Many women who “let themselves go” do so because they think that not many people see them. If you work from home, or live in Minneapolis and never leave the city, it can feel as if the world is small. Even in larger areas like the Twin Cities, sometimes it can seem like we only see the same small pool of people every day. As more and more visitors (let alone pro-athletes!) flock to our town, it’s going to start to be more and more obvious who is comfortable representing this great city and who isn’t. If you don’t feel like you are putting your best face (or body) forward, it could be a great time to consider cosmetic surgery.

The Choice is ALWAYS Yours

Now let’s be clear: we aren’t saying that just because the Super Bowl is coming means that you need to undergo a dramatic transformation. All changes should be made because YOU feel they should be. The point here is that as your world starts to grow, there are more and more people holding a mirror up to you and making you confront your appearance. Instead of hiding at home because you are not pleased with your looks, you can expand your surroundings confidently when you are at peace with your appearance.

Future NFL Wife?

There are many cosmetic procedures that aren’t dramatic or invasive, but can still leave you looking and feeling fresh, on game day and beyond. Injectable fillers like Botox and Restylane can give you a more youthful glow and smoother skin: two things that can change people’s perception of you (and are probably crucial if you’re trying to be a “Football Wife” someday.)

All jokes aside, there are many amazing Minneapolis plastic surgeons that are available if you need some tweaks before the big, city-wide extravaganza begins. Remember that as your world changes, it is important (and fun!) to change along with it. We can’t guarantee that your team will win, but we can guarantee that successful, tasteful plastic surgery is always a touchdown.

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