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Summary: Every year we see a spike in traffic to plastic surgery offices. So, of course we wonder, why is plastic surgery so popular around the holidays? There are probably many reasons for this. Holidays already tend to be relatively emotional times of year. But there’s no doubt that surgeons find themselves booking more appointments than usual between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Let’s find out why!

The Secret that Makes Plastic Surgery so Popular Around the Holidays

Every year, we talk about the rush to get Botox before Thanksgiving and New Years. But why is plastic surgery so popular around the holidays? Because it’s not an isolated trend. Plastic surgeons in Houston and Los Angeles and New York all report the same trend: a ton of calls around the holidays.

Which is odd. With the exception of a few procedure types, results are almost never instant. And it takes time to recover from procedures. So it’s unlikely that you can get a facelift on December 20 and be ready for your holiday party by December 25.

But we’re not really talking about the practicalities of these holiday rushes. We’re talking about the motivations for these holiday plastic surgery consultations. Why is plastic surgery so popular around the holidays? We’re definitely going to have to take a look into this one!

People Take a Lot of Photos Around the Holidays

You may have noticed that when your family gets together, people tend to take a lot of pictures. Holidays have always been one of the more photograph-heavy times of year. But these days, in large part due to the preponderance of cameras and social media, the picture-taking is next level.

Everyone’s got a camera in his or her phone, complete with cool features and filters. And everybody has an incentive to take pictures, thanks to social media. That means a lot of pictures get taken and you end up seeing yourself in a whole new light.

That’s why I wanted to talk about pictures. There are two separate kinds of motivations here:

  • You want to look good in your family photos: This is a kind of anticipatory motivation. You know photos are going to be taken. And, for a variety of reasons, you want to look good in those photos. So, you schedule cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery with enough time to spare so that you can recovery and look amazing.
  • You’re bothered by old photos: Sometimes, you can see something that makes you feel self conscious in your old photographs. That’s not to say that you see a pic someone took and suddenly you don’t like your nose. Rather, something you didn’t like about your nose already will draw your attention, emphasizing reasons you were already thinking about plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure.

Most People Have More Motivations

Motivations for undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery are usually pretty complex. So, it’s not like a holiday party in and of itself is going to make most people look up their nearest plastic surgeon. Most people that get plastic surgery have been thinking about it for a significant amount of time.

These decisions are rarely rushed. And yet, there’s still a significant number of people who want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure around the holidays. Those two facts don’t seem like they should be coherent. But they are.

And here’s why. I think the holidays are kind of the last straw. It’s getting to be closer to the end of the year. You’re looking forward to all of those holiday parties. And you’re thinking about how self-conscious you might feel about a certain part of your body.

So you make the decision to see your surgeon. It’s not an impulsive decision, necessarily. But it’s the occasion that finally gets a patient moving in a certain direction, that finally gets the patient to pick up the phone and call for an appointment.

Everybody has their “breaking point,” if you will. That moment when a patient decides that it’s time to make a move. The holidays just represent a particularly potent one.

Beware of Instant Results

Finally, it’s important to impart a little bit of caution. If you go into your plastic surgeon wanting a facelift around this time of year, there’s almost no way that you’ll be ready for prime time before the holidays actually hit. Plastic surgery takes time to recover from (there’s often swelling involved in that recovery… swelling that would not make for great holiday pictures).

So if you want to look good for your holiday party, you might have to think long term. Looking the way you want to look for next year’s holiday party could start with your consultation this week.

Even cosmetic procedures, such as Botox or dermal fillers, take time to really reach optimal results. In other words, it’s in your best interests to plan ahead! I understand that such planning takes time. But one of the reasons that makes plastic surgery so popular around the holidays is that these procedures generally yield fantastic results.

Those results are worth the wait!

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