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Summary: We’ve all done something stupid in our youth. If we’re lucky, those youthful indiscretions are easy to erase. If we’re less lucky, we might have a tattoo to regret for the rest of our lives (it builds character). However, we’re unable to cover up something as simple as earplugs (those hoops in the ear that are created by placing ever-larger gages of “plugs” into the ear). But youthful college graduates are finding that earplugs may be keeping them from a dream job or two, so the surgery required to repair the earlobe is becoming ever more popular.

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Ah, To Be Young

In our youth, we tend to be a bit on the rebellious side. We sneak out of our bedrooms. Maybe we spray a little graffiti around school. Maybe we even get a tattoo (honest, we say, I’m 18). And, of course, there are other forms of body modification—today, its most extreme form is something called implant: metal implanted beneath the skin to give the appearance of a given shape in the tissue (a cross, a skull, a hot rod… the possibilities are endless). But there’s one particular form of body modification that is getting our attention today.

One of the most popular forms of body modification in the United States is the standard old ear piercing. Pierced ears are a right of passage for some, a form of rebellion of others and, well, the first step for still others. Piercing is only a first step for those who want to expand ear lobes with what are known as plugs. These plugs start out small, but can eventually be employed to create enormous holes in the ear lobe. These are sometime referred to as “tribal” piercings, but there are so many complex connotations associated with that, so most people simply call them ear “plugs.”

With Age Comes Wisdom

But while tattoos might be more socially acceptable today than in yesteryears (or, at least, easily covered with a long-sleeved shirt), ear plugs have been more problematic, automatically disqualifying many from promising jobs and fledgling careers. Even the military has a pretty strict policy when it comes to earplugs, disallowing them to the point of turning away volunteers who want to serve. The bottom line is this, as those rebellious youths age, they are realizing that ear plugs may be keeping them from jobs they want, so they’re looking for a solution.

That solution comes in the form of a surging form of reconstructive plastic surgery which has been developed specifically for these types of situations. Ear surgery for earplugs does a couple of things. First, it repairs the hole caused by the plugs. This is usually pretty straightforward. Because earplugs often stretch the length of the lobes significantly, sometimes excess tissue must be removed in order to establish a more natural look. The end result can leave some scarring, depending on the amount of work that needs to be performed, but plastic surgeons usually do a pretty good job of obscuring the scars. The ears, then, look as “normal” as possible by the end of the procedure, as the idea is to return the ears to their former, natural state.

Sometimes You Just Have a Bad Day

Of course, this type of earlobe repair surgery is not exclusive only to those who have earplugs. Earrings are, after all, can be a dangerous thing. It’s not uncommon for earrings to catch on something and literally be torn out of the lobe (the lobe is, after all, mostly lax tissue and is susceptible to such damage more than muscle may be). In the case of such a trauma to the ear, repair is almost always conducted by surgery.

It’s important to find a specialist in this area. The Minneapolis earlobe repair surgery experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery offer this procedure in addition to many other procedures, but they might be a rare beast, so to speak. Because the ears are such as a specialty, it might be worth finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure for the best result. That said, many plastic surgeons don’t even offer earlobe repair surgery, so if you find a clinic that does, chances are, they’re pretty good at the procedure.

Protect Your Ears, Protect Your Hearing

Your ears, after all, are a precious commodity, and infection and complications could be disastrous not only for your results, but also, conceivably, for your hearing. By taking care of them, especially during a trauma, you’re ensuring that you’ll have all five of your senses for as long as possible.

A Bright Future, Whatever Your Past

More and more people are trying to erase the mistakes of their youth. That’s why there’s laser tattoo removal procedures and that’s why earlobe repair procedures are growing more and more popular. It seems that not even your youth is permanent anymore. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We like rebellion, but now we’re rebelling against our youth. For a better job and a better future.

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