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Summary: Finding a way to fit your plastic surgery into your summer vacation can be pretty frustrating. Especially if you’re set on getting your surgery done over those precious three months of summer. But there are some tips that could (potentially) make things a little bit easier for you.

School’s out for summer, which means your life might be a little more complicated. Does plastic surgery fit into your summer vacation in a way that doesn’t take away from your other plans? It’s a tricky question. Many families know the strange combination of careful choreography and utter chaos that can consume summer.

The Wisdom of Plastic Surgery Over Your Summer Vacation

So getting your tummy tuck in the middle of that controlled chaos can seem like a gargantuan chore. After all, you’re going to need several weeks of recovery to get back on your feet and it might be even longer before you can resume all the normal activities that get you through the day.

To be sure, scheduling something like a Botox injection would offer its own scheduling challenges. So how do you fit plastic surgery into your summer vacation? How do you make a cosmetic procedure part of the plan? There are a few strategies that might help you determine the best way forward.

Know How Much Time You Have

If you’re like most people, you fit into one of two categories: you’ve either got your summer all planned out or you have no idea what’s going to happen in the near future. That can be okay. However, not knowing what’s going to happen over the summer can make it more challenging to plan a plastic surgery procedure.

There are a few ways you can manage your time:

  • Find out from your surgeon how long you need to allot for your recovery period
  • Give yourself plenty of time to recover—you don’t want to rush it just because you feel like summer is getting away from you
  • Try to schedule your surgery between big events, if at all possible, so that you aren’t trying to rush your recovery in order to keep your schedule
  • Stay flexible: your surgeon might not be working on the same schedule you are, so it’s likely you’ll have to make some adjustments
  • Know your priorities: If you have some events that are more important than others, it might be wise to schedule your surgery closer to those events that are easier to skip

That’s not to say you need to schedule your entire summer just so you can fit in your plastic surgery procedure. It just means that forewarned is forearmed, and the more information you have, the better decision you’ll be able to make.

Sometimes, Your Surgeon’s Schedule Takes Priority

In most cases, surgeons are going to do everything possible to try to accommodate a patient’s schedule. But it’s not always possible is the thing. The way this usually happens is kind of like this: you’ve done a ton of research trying to find the best surgeon. You’ve finally found someone who you have a real connection with.

And here’s the problem: they don’t have an opening for another six months. At that point, you really have two options:

  • Start the process all over again. This means searching for another plastic surgeon who might be able to fit you in sooner.
  • Schedule your procedure for six months in the future. This might not be as soon as you’d like, but you do have a few options should you decide to move forward.

Look, in most cases, if you’ve developed a good relationship with your plastic surgeon, it’s worth sticking with that surgeon throughout your entire process. That’s especially true if your surgeon has done good work for you in the past and you trust each other. We all know that good surgeons tend to be popular!

The plus side is that your results are usually worth waiting for. This means that if you want to get your procedure performed over the summer and the surgeon can’t fit you in thisJune, you might be better off waiting until next June. On the plus side, that gives you plenty of time to plan for your procedure and for your recovery.

Have Surgery When You Have Time

Whether you have your plastic surgery during the summer or winter, there are two basic things you’re trying to balance: your schedule and the surgeon’s schedule. Of course, your schedule is going to be dictated by several things. For example, if you have a therapeutic issue—such as carpal tunnel syndrome or another hand ailment—you might prioritize the scheduling of your surgery.

But when it comes to something elective, you might have the luxury of deciding when the best time to schedule your surgery might be. Does your plastic surgery fit into your summer vacation schedule? That depends on how busy your summer is—and how busy your surgeon is.

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