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Summary: Wait, what is a plastic surgery tweak-ment? That’s a new word for us (and we suspect it’s a new word for you). And yet, this type of procedure is trending! Let’s take a look at what plastic surgery tweak-ments actually entail and how they might be able to help you get the results and the transformation you’re after. Maybe it will turn out that tweak-ments, despite the neologism–aren’t all that new after all.

What is a Plastic Surgery Tweak-Ment?

There’s a new world floating around the hallowed halls of plastic surgery offices: tweak-ment. But what is a plastic surgery tweak-ment? And how is it different from any other treatment that surgeons might offer? Well, we can answer that question by taking a look at the main word that “tweak-ment” is built around: tweak. As in, a small change.

It turns out that plastic surgery patients are driving a change for smaller, more subtle, more natural looking results. Currently, this “tweak-ment” trend is topping all of the “plastic surgery in 2019” lists out there.

But the reality is that this trend isn’t so new. Patients have been seeking out more natural looking results for some time now. The phrase, however, is definitely new. And it’s a novel way of communicating exactly what patients have been asking for. They don’t want to look totally and completely different. They just want surgeons to make a tweak here and a tweak there. Hence the term, “tweak-ment” instead of treatment.

Blame SnapChat for Tweak-Ments

There are some surgeons who will blame SnapChat for this emphasis on tweak-ments. And there’s some truth in that, although SnapChat is certainly not the only motivator. Any social media app that comes with preloaded filters might be contributing to the trend. And that’s just because people see how good they look with these filters applied.

In part, it’s because filters can make small and subtle changes to the way the face looks in photos and images. And that starts to give people ideas. Not bad ideas, necessarily. Just ideas about what they could look like without this blemish or with that line or wrinkle fixed.

You can see how this could lead to a culture of “tweak-ment” over treatment. But that fits in with how plastic and cosmetic surgery patients have been behaving for some time now. It’s just that, thanks to apps such as SnapChat, they’re able to preview and articulate those desires a little bit more completely.

Body Contouring Tweaks

But the face isn’t the only place where patients are requesting tweaks. Indeed, body contouring procedures have been putting an emphasis on natural looking results for some time:

  • Liposuction procedures are often carefully calibrated to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the body. This makes the transformation look more like the results from a natural weight loss process.
  • Breast augmentation has traditionally been known for the production of overly large breasts. However, modern breast augmentation techniques will generally aim to produce natural looking results–smaller implants with more natural looking shapes.
  • Fat grafting has for a few years now been among the “rising stars” of plastic surgery procedures. That popularity is starting to wane a little bit, and modern fat graft procedures are being used to generate more subtle looking results than bold transformations.

No Wrong Way as Long as it’s Right for You

Whether you want a subtle tweak-ment or a bold treatment, there’s no wrong way to approach cosmetic and plastic surgery as long as you’re keeping your eye on what’s best for you. It’s true that more and more patients are looking towards transformations that yield subtle results.

But those results are not unimportant just because they’re small. Indeed, sometimes even subtle changes can make a big difference. A hand surgeon who performs a hand lift, for example, will only make small changes to the hands. But by eliminating wrinkles and lines in that one spot, the entire body may look significantly more youthful.

Answers to Tweak-Ment Questions

If you have questions about what kinds of treatments–or “tweak-ments”–might work best for you, contact your local plastic surgeon to schedule a confidential consultation. During your consultation, you’ll be able to ask about what kinds of procedures are and are not available.

And more to the point, you’ll be able to ask about procedures that may or may not work for you. What is a plastic surgery tweak-ment that works for you? Well, that may vary from patient to patient. What’s important is that you’re getting the results you want and the transformation you’re after.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson is a plastic surgery marketer who has been in the field for over twenty years. He’s been writing about cosmetic and plastic surgery that entire time, helping surgeons communicate to the public about their professions.

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