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Summary: There are many options when it comes to your breast implants: shape, size, material, and so on. But some of those options are a little more universal than others. Breast implant material, for example, is almost universal. Most women that end up getting a breast augmentation procedure end up choosing silicone breast implants—in fact, the vast majority. There are many reasons why, including how safe and effective the implants are in the long run. In fact, for most women, there is no better option than a silicone breast implant.

Silicone: The Most Popular Breast Implants Type

When it comes to any breast augmentation procedure, there are many decisions to be made. You need to come to a consensus on the size and shape of the final result, as well as how long you want that final result to last. You need to figure out a good time to go under the knife so that your recovery can be as successful as possible. In other words, there’s a lot to think about. And plastic surgeons will often talk about yet another decision, even if it’s not really much of a decision anymore: what type of breast implant do you want?

To be sure, anyone that wants a breast augmentation procedure still has an option when it comes to the type of implant. Generally, those options are usually between saline, silicone and fat (sometimes referred to as autologous fat). It’s true that any woman can make a case to her plastic surgeon about why she might prefer one type or another when it comes to her breast implants. But there’s also something else to keep in mind (and one of the reasons why it’s difficult to consider this a “decision”). According to recent data, something like 99% of all breast augmentations performed in the United States now use silicone breast implants.

The Benefits of Silicone

That’s such a vast majority of patients that while, yes, women have control over the type of implants, it’s easy to see the decision that most women end up making. And, in many ways, it makes a lot of sense. Modern silicone breast implants are among the safest, most effective, and most natural-looking options available on the market today. This means that they are often the obvious choice, and when they aren’t used, it is often due to a specific medical or aesthetic reason. In other words, silicone tends to be the default, though it can be changed.

And there are many benefits of silicone breast implants. First and foremost is how they look and feel. More than any other implant type, with the exception of, perhaps, autologous fat, silicone breast implants look and feel natural. Saline doesn’t necessarily look unnatural—it’s just that they, well, look like water. Because that’s what saline is, essentially: salt water. And while the human body is, indeed, mostly water, that’s not what the entirety is. That’s why silicone is such a great option: it looks natural because it isn’t too, well, watery.

Silicone Implant Safety

Indeed, silicone can have a kind of “gummy-bear” consistency. In addition to helping the implant look and feel more natural, this consistency is great in cases of ruptures. Every once in a while, as with any object, a breast implant may fail. In the case of saline implants, it would be quite obvious when this happens, as the implant would likely deflate. This deflation causes an immediate change in the results of the procedure. However, silicone implants, when ruptured, do not deflate. They have enough consistency that even though there is a rupture, there is usually no discernable change in the shape or size of the implant.

Most women who have a ruptured implant, in fact, don’t even know it. There’s no inherent harm from such a rupture. In fact, most surgeons recommend that revision surgery only be undertaken when a patient has physical symptoms to report: hardness or pain and so on. In most cases, patients can leave the implant in until an appropriate time to remove it (all implants, after all, have an expiration date, at least according to the FDA). This makes silicone implants among the safest possible breast implant types on the market today. No wonder so many plastic surgeons recommend this type of implant.

Compared to Fat Graft Implants

That said, autologous fat implants are gaining in popularity. They look and feel as natural as possible, and you kill two birds with one stone: you get rid of some fat you’re not a fan of and you get larger breasts that compliment your figure. The only downside of a fat graft breast augmentation is that the results are not always incredibly reliable. The fat takes a while to “take” to its new position in the breast, and not all of the fat survives that process—some of the fat is reabsorbed back into the body, and the breast can actually shrink slightly in the process.

This is pretty universally true, whether you’re interested in a breast augmentation in Ridgewood, NJ, or Hollywood, CA. Silicone breast implants, then, are the most reliable, safest breast implant out there, and they look incredibly natural when the process is finished. This helps explain why silicone breast implants are among the most popular implants in the world.

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