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Summary: Celebrities are always setting trends in plastic surgery, because they’re always trying to look youthful and attractive. And, let’s face it, so are we. When we discuss celebrities, we’re trying to contextualize the plastic surgery we’re discussing. In this case, we’re discussing Gwyneth Paltrow’s cosmetic procedures before the Oscars. We use her as an example of the kind of subtle procedure that can get great results, and as a caution against expecting too much from any plastic surgery procedure, including facelifts.

gwyneth paltrow plastic surgery rumors

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Rumors Put to Good Use

The Oscars were quite a while ago, and we’re still catching up to a certain extent. There was a lot of exciting news about celebrities and plastic surgery—news that we tried to contextualize rather than sensationalize. But one of the things that got missed in all of those contextualizations was the work that Gwyneth Paltrow had apparently gotten done. According to the semi-news publication Radar Online, Paltrow may have benefitted from a suite of injectables and wrinkle treatments. The effect, however, was not as great as she likely would have wanted, as several reviewers referred to her as having a “frozen” appearance.

Now, it’s impossible to know for sure that the injectables were responsible for this frozen appearance. What is known, however, is that, if Paltrow has had plastic surgery, it’s been done very conservatively. And that’s why I think it’s important to talk about Paltrow and her appearance at the Oscars. All too often, I think, people imagine plastic surgery the way you see it in the movies when a bad guy is trying to outwit the law—as a kind of complete identity change. You go in with one face and leave with another. The reality is that plastic surgery is nothing like that. It’s not about changing your identity, it’s about confirming it.

Conservative Procedures for Better Results

Take Paltrow’s procedures, for example. According to all kinds of sources, those procedures were incredibly conservative. They weren’t designed to make Paltrow look twenty again, they were designed to make her look as though she stayed the same age. Here’s what I mean by that. No amount of facelift work is going to make you look like you’re twenty again. It’s just not possible. And yet, that’s what some patients want. Some plastic surgeons then, bowing to the pressure of the patient, reach for something that’s not possible and the end results are certainly not the greatest—you can end up with a “plastic” looking face.

Luckily, these types of end results are relatively uncommon. More often than not, highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons know how and when to tell a candidate no. Most often, facelift procedures are used to help a patient stop the progress of time, metaphorically speaking, not reverse. The best facelift results are the ones that do small things and achieve subtle effects. This way, people will just assume that you’re sleeping better or exercising, not that you’ve had an extensive amount of plastic surgery done. Indeed, according to the website of the Clear Lake TX facelift experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, facelift patients should maintain realistic expectations.

This cannot be stressed enough. A facelift works best when people don’t even notice you’ve had work done. And plastic surgeons are able to accomplish a great many things in these subtle ways. Smaller incisions leave smaller scars and produce more natural-looking looks. This means that the end results will be more in line with what you’re expecting than might otherwise be possible. So if you’re thinking about a facelift, you should emulate what Gwenyth Paltrow has taught us and go for a subtle, conservative look.

Realistic Expectations Can Mean Improved Satisfaction

And that’s why I think it’s useful to talk about Paltrow’s Oscar look. She may have gone overboard with the injectables, but everything else was subtle and conservative. Indeed, we’re not even absolutely sure that work was done. Maybe she was just wearing a lot of make-up (a definite possibility with celebrities, who often have staffs devoted to make-up). Yes, facelifts are designed to eliminate wrinkles in a permanent way, but you can’t look suddenly twenty years younger and expect it to be a natural, subtle transition.

The solution, then, is to try to achieve a subtle shift, a small transition. This works well for many patients. Because of advances in facelift procedures as well, you can target specific areas of your face. So you can take a few years off your forehead and off your chin, but leave the rest as is to achieve a more natural look in the end. We all want to look great and youthful, and with a facelift procedure you can definitely get that look. Just remember to keep your expectations realistic and to take a page from Paltrow’s book and go for a conservative, subtle look.

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