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Summary: The new techniques used in mini facelifts are being referred to as “weekend face lifts” because of their ability to give you fast and easy results in the matter of a few days. Recovery times are quicker and you will have your hot new look in no time.

Weekend Lifts Can Do The Trick

The concept of “weekend facelifts” or mini facelifts are relatively new, because they use the most advanced technology during their procedures to make sure that your beautiful results don’t come with a set of long lasting, nasty side effects. This highly sought out procedure has an easier recovery time making it very popular with those who want results but don’t have a lot of time to waste. Less invasive techniques allow for you to heal faster and easier than ever before, and your results will be ready in the course of a weekend.

Traditional Vs. Newer Methods

The secret behind mini facelifts are that they target specific areas of the face, allowing for some pretty major results without a lot of invasive cutting. In a traditional facelift, typically large cuts are made to create an overall lifted look. With a weekend facelift procedure, smaller incisions are made to specific areas such as the eyelids, brow, or neck, to create amazing results that are a lot faster to recover from. Don’t let the idea of less incisions stop you from expecting great results- you will still appear fresh and youthful after a weekend facelift!

Things to Consider

Cosmetic problems targeted with a mini face lift are typically relatively minor, so the incisions made during this “ weekend” approach to facelift surgery can be pretty tiny. Because of this, the mini facelift is one of the least invasive procedures in facial surgery. Consider the following when making your decision between traditional methods and a mini “weekend” procedure:

  • Traditional lifts will provide you with a dramatic change. If your case is severe, you may need a traditional lift to get the results you desire.
  • Mini facelifts involve smaller incisions, so the chances of infection or negative side effects are slimmer
  • Mini facelift recovery times are faster for those who are in a pinch for time but want to look their best ASAP.
  • Traditional facelifts are able to target all areas of the face at once, whereas a mini lift will focus on one area at a time. If you are looking for a complete overhaul, traditional methods may be necessary.

Your cosmetic surgeon will help you decide which path is right for you. Many women may choose to undergo a mini facelift before committing to a major facelift procedure. This is a good way to get fast results before making a longer term commitment. Your doctor should fill you in on all the details of this during your consultation.

Your Best Weekend Decision Ever

For smooth skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, and a younger fresher look, facelifts can provide you with an endless amount of benefits. Now your only decision is whether to undergo a traditional invasive surgery, or jump on the weekend facelift bandwagon and get your amazing results ASAP. If you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to waste recovering from a complex surgery, schedule your mini facelift appointment with your  Dallas cosmetic surgeon today. You could have great results by week’s end!

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