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Summary: When it comes to plastic surgery, there’s simply no avoiding scars. It’s part of the process. But there are ways that plastic surgeons can minimize the visibility of scars. And there’s new technology that’s promising to fight scars in a painless, FDA approved way. This technology, combined with some old tricks, like massage shortly after procedures, is helping to make scars even less visible, which makes the overall procedure even more successful. This doesn’t mean scars are going away, but it means that your results will look even better.

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Part and Parcel

Plastic surgery has the power to make you look and feel like your real self. But there’s no getting around the fact that it’s surgery—and unless you’re thinking about nonsurgical solutions (which, unfortunately, are only fleeting solutions), plastic surgery invariably means one thing: scars. Sure, surgeons have gotten pretty darn good at hiding them. So in most cases, no one will notice a scar—no one, that is, except you.

New Technology to the Rescue

But there’s new technology that might be able to do something about that. You’ve heard of patches that release drugs painlessly (because we’ve written about them), but this is a patch that releases scar-reducing drugs. In other words, by putting on this breakthrough patch, which releases an FDA-approved scar-reducing drug called 5-fluorouracil, you can reduce the appearance of your scars post-surgery.

Now, of course, it won’t get rid of your scars completely. So your plastic surgeon will still need to be skilled and precise in where he or she puts those scars, but this does open some exciting new possibilities for the future.

Time Heals All Wounds

Generally, your scars will diminish (though probably not disappear completely) over time anyway. There are things you can do to speed up that process—among them not smoking, getting massages, and eating foods that are good for your skin. All of these activities can help minimize the visibility of scar tissue, which will help make your overall transformation much more effective.

How They Hide Your Scars

And as we said, surgeons have gotten much better at hiding scars. Here are some procedures that have that down to a science:

  • Facelift – During a facelift, excess tissue is removed and the skin is tightened around your face. According to the website of the Connecticut facelift surgical experts at Westport Facial Plastic Surgery, this process will leave you looking and feeling much younger. The scars for this procedure are often hidden right above the hairline, so your growing hair will often obscure those scars. Likewise, the scars are sometimes hidden under the jaw or even behind the ears.
  • Tummy Tuck – This popular procedure is kind of like a facelift for your tummy. Excess skin is removed and the remainder is tightened. Scars are usually hidden just beneath the bikini line, as many women who undergo the procedure are keen to be seen wearing a two-piece bathing suit in the near future. The placement of this scar means that it won’t interfere with those wardrobe plans.
  • Breast augmentation – When women undergo a breast augmentation, the last thing they’re wanting is a visible scar line. Plastic surgeons have gotten pretty good at hiding the scars for this one, in a couple of different ways. If the implant is small enough it can be inserted through the armpit, effectively hiding the scar in an area that—while slightly painful—no one will ever see it. The alternative is a more traditional approach, in which the scar for the implantation is hidden just beneath the cup of the breast. This way it is almost always hidden.
  • Lower body lift/body contouring – A lower body lift is a pretty big operation, in which the tissue of the lower body is tightened and excess skin is removed. It’s especially popular after a major weightloss. Because it’s such a big operation, patients are often left with a kind of “belt” scar, which goes around the waist. This is one operation that, scar or no, most patients think is very much worth it. But it’s a perfect example of time in which this particular patch may be a good solution.

Your Beautiful Success

There’s simply no getting around scars, even if they’re almost always well hidden (the point of plastic surgery, after all, is not to give you visible scars—it’s to let your true beauty show). This breakthrough patch may be the next step in making scars even less visible, and making plastic surgery even more successful.

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