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Summary: Most people assume, understandably so, that a more youthful looking face starts right there: with your face. But it seems that one thing people notice first is the neck. This means that even if your face looks exceptionally youthful, your overall look could seem older thanks to a wrinkled or sagging neck. So the key to an overall more youthful look is, yes, the face, but you can’t forget about what’s lurking below: you can’t forget about your neck.

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Look a Little Lower

Sometimes a youthful face starts a little bit lower. Sure, the first thing we might notice about a new face is the eyes—but often the first thing we notice about a new person is the neck. This isn’t always true, but there’s often a feeling that a wrinkled and sagging neck can stick out and draw attention to the owner of that neck. The worst part is that an aging neck can prematurely age your face: it’s age by association. In fact, many women report being unhappy with the look of their neck as early as their thirties.

The Root Problem

Neck issues can come in many shapes and sizes. Among the first to be noticed are deep lines and wrinkles. Neck tissues can be especially loose and lose their elasticity earlier in life than other areas of the body. This is simply the nature of the neck. So wrinkles and deep lines can show up early, as the muscles in the neck wear out. This can lead to sagging skin, which is also a problem many candidates point out during their consultations. Now, not everyone gets the dreaded “turkey neck,” but there’s little doubt that the pronounced bulge of the neck caused by sagging skin can drastically age the face attached to that neck.

Neck Lift

When it comes to neck rejuvenation, there are many options. And while sometimes fillers and liquid wrinkle treatments (think Botox) are appropriate and effective, most often creating a youthful looking neck requires a surgical procedure called a neck lift. Usually a pretty straightforward operation, the neck lift eliminates excess tissue and stretches the remaining tissue around the neck to smooth it out. It’s like of like pulling on the end of your bedspread to smooth out your bed-covers. General anesthetic is usually required, of course, and the recovery time is dependent upon the extent of the work you would like done.

Younger Look for Younger Women

The stereotype for a neck lift patient is often the married woman approaching sixty. If you look at the pictures on all those “neck lift” articles, that’s precisely what you’ll find. And, to be sure, that has been a popular audience for years. But cosmetic surgeons are noticing that women who find an issue with their neck are getting younger and younger. Indeed, even women as young as 30 years old are reporting issues with their necks.

Part of this comes from ever increasing stress on women especially to look younger and to stay looking younger. But another part is the realization that the neck plays such an important role in the overall youthful look many want to achieve. In order for other procedures to be effective, such as Botox or dermal fillers, the entire look must be one that is youthful. This means that the neck is key to that.

Coupled With Other Procedures

But just because neck rejuvenation is key doesn’t mean that people don’t often have multiple procedures performed at once. A neck lift is perfect for this because of its need for general anesthetic. The idea is that if the doctor needs to knock you out once, you may as well get as much accomplished during that time as possible, especially given how expensive anesthetic and hospital stays are. Sometimes, people elect to undergo a neck lift and a facelift simultaneously.

Of course, you’ll want to check with your plastic surgeon about costs. It might be that a facelift in Milwaukee carries a different price tag as liposuction in New Jersey. The possibility of combining procedures is also something you’ll want to discuss with your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation, as then you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be performed to achieve your overall youthful look.

Your Body Cooperates

The takeaway is that, while procedures focus on individual areas of your body, there’s no getting away from the fact that your body works together—to get an overall youthful look, you’ve got to pay attention to every area and how it all works together.

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