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Summary: Your wedding day can be a stressful one, not least because you want to make sure you look your best. Perhaps that helps explain why many people, including celebrities, turn to non-surgical cosmetic procedures to help them look great on their day of matrimony. Non-surgical procedures offer the benefit of instant (or nearly instant) results without the downside of traditional plastic surgery, such as a long and painful recovery period. Indeed, if your wedding day is fast approaching, traditional plastic surgery might not even be an option. You might be better off looking into non-surgical techniques and options.

cosmetic procedures for your wedding day

Celebrity Wedding Day

Celebrities are no strangers to pressures centered on looking good. In fact, it’s second nature to them. Every movie set has a make-up artist at the ready (more if the film has a reasonable budget). Keeping that look of Hollywood regality is a high priority in L.A. And, most days of the year, it can be difficult for us to relate to that. But there’s one day—for celebrities and us normal folk alike—that looking ridiculously good suddenly becomes incredibly important: the wedding day. There are few days in one’s life that come saddled with quite so much pressure, and that pressure manifests in several ways about a wide variety of things.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that, according to Us Weekly, celebrities are not immune to this kind of pressure. Indeed, apparently Lady Gaga is feeling this pressure quite extensively and, according to some insiders (whatever that means), she is considering cosmetic surgery procedures that offer an instant result. In other words, she’s looking into non-surgical cosmetic options, such as Botox and laser treatments (or even CoolSculpting). There are actually many more of these types of procedures than there used to be, as cosmetic surgery innovations have created a wide variety of nearly painless options.

Cosmetic Surgery for Your Wedding Day

To be sure, if you want dramatic results, traditional plastic surgery may still be your best bet. But not everyone wants dramatic results. Sometimes, a subtle shift can create a great change in the way you look. What’s more, plastic surgery generally takes a while to manifest those results. There’s a painful recovery process to go through and you may have to a few weeks for the first round of swelling to subside (a pain if you went in for something like liposuction, which was supposed to take inches off). Wanting to avoid these drawbacks is quite understandable and helps explain the rise of these nonsurgical options.

So, because Lady Gaga wants immediate results—her wedding date is quickly approaching, after all—she should turn to these non-surgical techniques. We’ve written extensively about Botox, of course, so while we do think that Botox is a great procedure, we’re going to focus on some techniques that are, perhaps, slightly less well known but no less effective. Indeed, some of these novel procedures can produce great results with very little in the way of downtime, making them, essentially, “instant” ways to get the look that you’re after.

The Non Surgical Nose Job
One of the body parts that we find people tend to feel more self-conscious about is the nose. They wish it was bigger or smaller or straighter or sloped more gently. Thanks to techniques developed in Los Angeles non surgical nose job procedures are now quite common. Cosmetic surgeons change the size and shape of the nose by injecting it with dermal fillers. The results can be instantly appreciated (and adjusted), so you can make sure to have the perfect nose for your wedding day.

This is another procedure that is relatively recent, though the results aren’t quite as instantly gratifying. Indeed, CoolSculpting results can take several weeks to manifest in the optimal way. However, this procedure reduces areas of fat without the need for complex surgery, such as liposuction. Most patients feel nothing more than some slight discomfort before the cold effectively numbs the area. It’s a great way to tighten up your belly before big day.

Laser Procedures
If you’re worried about your skin complexion, then laser procedures might be something worth looking into. Laser procedures generally work to even out skin tone and remove damaged areas. They do this by encouraging the skin’s own natural rejuvenating powers to activate. So if you have sun spots (or age spots, for that matter), then laser procedures can help your skin look more youthful again. Laser procedures may leave some redness, so they aren’t quite as instant as some other procedures—plan it a couple of weeks ahead if you’re getting married (or if you’re going to be in any of the photos).

Planning for Your Big Day

Your wedding is going to be hectic and busy. That’s just the way most weddings are. So it’s advisable, no matter what cosmetic direction you plan on taking, to be thoughtful and try—as much as you can—to anticipate your schedule. In other words, plan ahead. When you can take your time and be sure to get the look that you want, you’ll be much happier with the results. Either way, you’ll great on your big day—and that’s what it’s all about. Just ask Lady Gaga.

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