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Summary: The once banned silicone filler for implants is making a huge comeback thanks to improvements to the material and new research by the FDA. Silicone implants are one of the many things from the past reinventing itself to be better than ever before.

What’s Old Is New

Have you noticed how many things from the past are starting to be cool again? “Retro” seems to be where it’s at, and nothing could be truer for silicone breast implants. Back in the 80’s silicone was the most popular choice by a landslide, and thanks to a ban lift by the FDA, it is making its huge comeback. In 2012 over 70% of augmentation procedures were done with silicone implants, and their popularity is more major than ever before.


A Brief Breast Implant History

Surgeons and patients alike have always preferred silicone, but for years it was seen as a dangerous material for breast augmentation because of the occasional rupture. The Food and Drug Administration banned the product in 1992 and closely studied the implants in the following years. In 2006 the FDA lifted the ban because links to health concerns could never be proven, and for the last 7 years silicone implants have been used again after confirmation that they are “safe and effective.” Breast implants have a long history, and though silicone went through a dark period for a while, they are definitely returning to their day in the sun.

The Many Benefits of Silicone

There are many benefits of silicone that can be confirmed by both surgeons and recipients. Advancements to the silicone material have made it possible for doctors to:

  • Create a breast with a more natural shape. Oftentimes silicone was seen as a more “fake” looking option, but this is no longer the case. New “form stable” silicone implants come in a natural tear drop shape.
  • Reduce your stress about silicone. The new silicone-based implants are more firm, and don’t leak out in a liquid form like they had done occasionally in the past.
  • Remove your implant easier. Silicone implants are easier to remove and replace, so if you want to go up in size, your options are unlimited.

Improvements to a Good Thing

Nearly 400,000 women undergo breast augmentation surgery a year, and plastic surgeons like Milwaukee plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Bosbous take the procedure very seriously. New advancements to technology and implant materials are constantly being made to assure that the thousands of women who desire bigger breasts can achieve the look with less hassle and less risk. Silicone implants today are made of a “cohesive gel” and have a jelly like texture. If a rupture were to ever happen, the material may ooze out slowly, but it will not pour out quickly like a liquid.

Bringing it Back

Since the FDA confirmed that there is “no apparent association” between silicone and disease or cancer, women and surgeons alike have been rejoicing. If you are interested in a breast augmentation and feel that silicone-gel implants may be the best option for you, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and begin your journey to bigger breasts today. Everything old is new again, and everything “retro” is totally awesome: including silicone implants!

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